We have access to millions of people anytime and anywhere, with the ability to be connected to them online through a variety of platforms. But us humans want real, meaningful relationships offline too. We want to do business with people we feel we know.  So how are you going to stand out and connect with your customers and build your community or tribe?  It’s time to get to know your people.

1.     Who are they?

Do you really know your customers or your ideal client?  It’s one thing to rattle off your target market’s demographics, it’s another to know their psychographics; what’s meaningful to them, what are their interests, what are their values, how do they feel? Once you’ve nailed this, you’ll know how to communicate with them.

2.     Where do they spend time online?

Different businesses have different audiences.  Many use social media to follow or find out about businesses, even before deciding to buy from or work with them.  If you have a Facebook page, how do you use it?  The sooner you realise the magic of social media as a tool to grow a connected and engaged community rather than expecting each post to convert to sales, the better. 

3.     Grow your list

If you don’t have a mailing list, start now. The majority of consumers still prefer to receive permission-based email marketing over any other form of communication.  Send relevant, helpful information and don’t make it all about selling. Be sure to include links back to your website and social media pages too.