There are endless ways to build your business.  The minute you stop believing that is the minute you’re giving up.  Brainstorming and implementing ideas for growth should be scheduled into your (yes, already very busy) week. It should become a hobby, a mindset…a reflex. Always have an open mind to possibilities and opportunities and you will see them popping up before you.

1.     Connect with likeminded people

Search for local networking groups, a event or a coworking space and meet others who are also passionate about what they do.

2.     Join other business owners online

There are many Facebook groups out there; find one for your type of business, your industry or your local area. It’s about community. Building a business can be tough, so it’s important to connect with others to share ideas with and have a support network.

3.     Get in touch with your local council

Most councils will have an economic development unit, designed to support local businesses. We’re fortunate to have helpful and supportive teams within the Mornington Peninsula and Frankston City councils, who offer a variety of workshops and resources for small businesses. Make the most of them!

4.     Collaborate

Identify businesses with likeminded customers and talk to them about how you could work together on something that would benefit both parties’ target audiences.