by jessica humphreys of social concepts consulting

Where will you be this Friday? I’m pretty excited to be heading to Flock – Women’s Co-Working in Mornington!

Co-working is one of the hottest workplace trends around the world and now it’s in Mornington.

Co-working spaces aren’t just about renting desks; they are about creating and tapping into a like-minded community and forging connections – the things you often miss out on when you don’t work within a traditional office space.

Jess Jones from Soar Collective a Mornington Peninsula businesswomen’s community and Ash Hoult from Sale Sistas, a network assisting women to boost their sales, recently attended a female entrepreneurs co-working space in Melbourne and left energised and inspired. This really was the decider in moving forward with their idea of a co-working concept for Peninsula women.

“Like so many small business owners who work from home, I crave human interaction, a different environment and the support and understanding from women who are on the same path. Working from home means you miss that connection,” said Jess Jones.

I realised how productive and how energised I felt after attending Soar Collective events and visiting other co-working spaces and knew it was time to take action on something I’d been wanting to do for a long time. And I found the right (perfect!) person in Ash, to do it with.”

The two ladies put their heads together and came up with Flock Co-Working.

Flock, as in ‘travelling together’ or ‘congregating’ is a co-working space that aims to cultivate a collaborative environment for women in business.

“Jess and I sought out to create a space that women on the Peninsula could call their own ‘sanctuary’ – addressing the challenges that come from working from home as a sole trader or as someone who travels frequently for business,” said Ash.

Flock attendees will get to take a deep breath, relax and focus on their business, be less distracted, connect with like-minded women, collaborate and find resources and learn new things from new connections.

“Ultimately, we’ve created a hub of activity specifically focused on finding refuge for women entrepreneurs. I believe the growth of this trend is occurring because it’s filling the need of being a collaborative community that helps women to get essential support, resources and ideas,” said Ash.

Flock Co-working is trialing above Mornington’s Café 115 on Thursday’s and Friday’s from March 12 – March 27.

Tickets can be purchased here.

WHERE: Upstairs at Café 115, 115 Main Street Mornington
WHEN: March 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 – 10.00am – 16.00pm 
COST: Soar Collective/Sale Sistas Members $20 – Non-Members $30. All tickets include 1 hot beverage and free wi-fi

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