In a world of instant online connection, it’s easy to forget how important it is to connect with people offline too and for some businesses, meeting face-to-face is actually more effective.

1.Networking events are an excellent way to meet other business owners, just as attending workshops are. Now I know some people seem to have a fear around attending networking events. But if you can break through that barrier, get some practice and gain some confidence, it’ll be the most worthwhile and empowering thing you can do for yourself and your business. I believe part of the fear comes from people not being 100% clear on their own pitch or purpose. The sooner you can perfect your pitch and feel comfortable delivering it in person though, the better. 

2.Spending some time at a coworking space like Co.Co Place or a local library is another great way to connect with other business owners. Even working from a café is a great opportunity to meet other business owners, particularly if you’re very observant or have great listening skills and can tune in on what they’re working on!

3.If you’re a product-based business, having a stall at a local market could be a great opportunity to get yourself and your business out there. Even if you’re serviced based, there are plenty of business expos to exhibit at. Besides potential sales, exhibiting allows you to deliver your pitch over and over, and you’ll soon learn if it hits the spot with prospective customers or not.