by jess jones, soar collective & 2nd avenue events

‘It is not enough to have knowledge, one must also apply it. It is not enough to have wishes, one must also accomplish.’
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Are you ready for it?  No, really.  Are you ready to hear the goal I set on March 15th, 2004, scribbled in my notebook in the middle of the night? Here we go (make sure you're sitting down). 'To help shape and improve our economy and our society by creating and assisting the entrepreneurs of our future. Australia is depending on it!'  BOOM.  Ballsy huh?  So what happened?  I commonly blame the 60-odd page business plan I'd put together (not surprisingly, I haven't completed one since).  

Flicking through my notebooks, I did everything 'right.'  I compiled stats, did market research, plenty of business planning and I attended numerous workshops and seminars.  Whilst there was some common suggestions and rules, a lot of these clever people had contradictory ideas.  I think execution was my issue in the past.  That and being distracted by all of the shiny things life had to offer.  

I've certainly found recently some easier ways to set and manage your goals.  Julia Bickerstaff of The Business Bakery embraces the 100 Day Goal which I attempted and failed last year.  I think this was more to do with the goal not actually being a viable idea for my business 2nd Avenue Events.  

So 11 years later, my word for 2015 is ACTION and my goal is 'to do less with more focus.' I also refer to my MISSION to check in and ensure I'm on track.  How am I going so far? AWESOMELY, thanks for asking.  I am constantly taking action instead of wasting time overthinking or over-planning and it's working a treat.  I'm feeling the fear and doing it anyway and 'starting before I'm ready' Lisa Messenger style. Oh yes there's still plenty of shiny stuff, so the whole 'doing less' thing is tough.  But hey, baby steps right?