So many businesswomen talk to me about the challenges of business ownership, and one of the most common ones is what to do when you're stuck in a business slump. You know that feeling when you've got a bucketload of work to do but you just feel like sitting on the couch in your Uggs, eating chocolate and watching Netflix? Yeah, that one.

And with that thought comes the self-doubt and negative self-talk too, 'maybe I'm just not good enough, maybe I'm not made out for this, maybe I just don't have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?' And with that, you feel even lower. Deeper down in that hole you go, gasping for air as you glance from you laptop to the couch, and it smiles - almost beckoning you to lay on it. 

So how do we get out of it? You take action. Don't panic, nothing too giant, but just 1 little step makes all the difference. Take a look at your to-do list (if you don't have one, this is part of the problem!), what seems small, easy or insignificant? Tackle that first. Normally I'd say to go head on with you MITs first (most important tasks) but when you're out of gas, small steps are the way to go. Once you've completed that first one, you'll feel a little better. Give yourself a pat on the back, you're slowing moving out of the hole.

Go back to the list, do another task, this time something a little meatier. Get it done, another hooray! You're on your way. I know this seems obvious, but sometimes it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the to-dos and the magnitude of the some of the tasks on the list that we think we just can't do it or that we're not capable. It's absolutely no true. You are capable, you're a rock star. You've come this far due to your hard work and awesomeness, never forget that. Just go easy on yourself. It's okay to take some time with what you need to get done (unless you're on a deadline of course). The world won't end if you take it slow on the days you need to.

You can also try changing up your environment - head to a cafe, a coworking space or even a friend's house or office. If you have to stay home (kids), then burn a candle, put on some tunes, change your clothes, do some stretches first, make yourself a nice smoothie or grab that chocolate anyway and a nice, hot cuppa. Just change it up a bit and it'll make a huge difference to how you feel. Good luck!