On the 30th of January, I'm driving from Geelong to Townsville over 8 days with Bridget from Suburban Sandcastles and film maker Zoe from Pickford Media, for National Regional Businesswomen's Day February 6th. And yes, we're taking 2 babies under 1 with us. Why you ask? Um, yeah we're a little crazy. But also, we're really determined to reach more regional businesswomen. Not only reach them, but ensure they're connected with likeminded ladies doing the same in regional areas around Australia. We want to share their stories so that women who are contemplating becoming an entrepreneur or who are in the start up phase of business see that they can do it too. Regardless of where they live.

It might seem nuts, but we think it's pretty damn important to be able to do this face-to-face. Yes, social media and technology allows us to connect with people online anytime and (almost) anywhere. However there's something to be said about that human connection. That beautiful sharing and natural exchange that happens over a glass of wine or a cuppa. The anecdotes, the experiences, that jogging of memory. The emotion, the authenticity...these things occur when you're physically together, not via Skype. 

We will be interviewing regional businesswomen who are willing to share their ups and downs, and the mistakes that have been made along the way so that other women can see it's okay to fall down everyone now and then. As long as you get back up again. And believe me, these women get back up.

Running a business can be extremely isolating. It's tough, it's scary, it's lonely. But it doesn't have to be and that's where Soar Collective steps in for regional businesswomen. Our vision is to be in 20 regional locations across Australia and with 10,000 members by the end of 2020. We're growing our community so we can connect and support more women. And so they can connect, collaborate with and support each other. Part of this plan is to hit the road. Share more stories. Reach more women. Grow the community. Hold more events. Allow these business owners and those who are aspiring to be one, the chance to be seen and heard by their own local communities including local government. Whatever we can do to achieve this, we will.

So how can you get involved? You can donate to our crowdfunding campaign by January 20th to help get us on the road for the Rise for Regional Road Trip. The documentary, filmed by Pickford Media, will be out later this year, but only if this big, crazy road trip dream comes true. We'd love your support to make it happen.