Bulletproof business branding bootcamp with Rechelle Coombes

(venue to be confirmed shortly)

In this session we will look at what it takes to make a brand that consumers are attracted too for the long haul. We’ll get you involved in an interactive session to understand more about what your ‘ideal’ customers look like using buyer personas and how painting the perfect picture of these customers can make your marketing even easier than before.

We will also work through what it means to have a CVP and how to use it so that it is more than a tagline but the underpinning strategy of everything you do in your business now and into the future. We will take you through another activity to understand what the buyer journey is and how powerful it can be when paired with your CVP and Buyer personas to create a bulletproof and successful marketing strategy to change the way you think about marketing today!

What you can expect to leave with:

  • Understanding of what it takes to create a winning brand
  • A better understanding of your customer base to make you more profitable
  • What a Customer Value Proposition means…really and why it is so important
  • Why it is important to stop thinking about marketing and start thinking about engagement
  • An understanding of the buyer journey and a process for mapping this out
  • How to look at your buyer journey to solve problems for your customers
  • How to use your time and money on marketing only where it matters
  • How to use your brand to make more money!

*Ticket includes morning tea with barista made hot drink plus a sandwich lunch


Rechelle Coombes is an entrepreneur and marketing superstar! She is extremely passionate about strategic digital marketing and social media. Rechelle holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Marketing, is a Certified Practicing Marketing at the Australian Marketing Institute and has around 10 years’ experience in marketing.

Rechelle works by day as a Marketing Consultant for BT who are part of the Westpac Group and consults small businesses on strategy development to attract new clients, retain them and close the loop to turn them into lifelong customers. By night and on weekends Rechelle manages her own successful online retail business ‘Head of Beds’ and manages the marketing for her partner’s business ‘Talked About Events’.

Rechelle has been selected as a Keynote presenter on ‘Digital Marketing to Gen Y’ for the upcoming Digital Marketing in Financial Services Summit amongst company CEO’s and Executive leaders. She is also experienced in facilitating training sessions for small businesses on marketing strategy, brand and social media.

She is also a mentor and presenter for the School for Social Entrepreneurs Start-Up accelerator program and is a social media ambassador for the Stella Network sharing her knowledge, experience and passion for digital marketing with their members. Rechelle also leads the Westpac Youth Network in Victoria with a commitment to uniting future young leaders in Victoria both inside and outside the Westpac Group by empowering and inspiring them to succeed.