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Catherine Cervasio, Aromababy

Catherine Cervasio identified the need for natural, organic and environmentally-friendly products in her industry almost 2 decades ago. Her business has been nominated for numerous awards in both Australia and overseas including My Business Awards, Micro Business Awards and the Gift Awards. She has received many nominations for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards over recent years. 



Kirsten Roberts, Radical Life

Kirsten is a believer that women can have all they choose and am on a mission to eliminate the insidious thought of "is this all there is".
Named one of Australia's Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs by Smart Company, Kirsten helps women bravely find themselves so they can find their true calling and then make that business dream a reality. The goal… to live each day wildly fulfilled with crazy self-love and uproarious laughter.
Kirsten cracked the code at 40 years old to find the courage to let her real voice be heard, her true gifts shared and create the impact in the world she had always dreamed off.


Jade McKenzie, Event Head

Jade is an event professional for heart-centered entrepreneurs and business owners who run workshops and events as part of their business model. Through her professional services, rock steady support and behind the scenes blog posts, she’s here to help you step into your spotlight and shine!
Over the last decade, her work has been enjoyed by thousands of people across the world, and has been featured in The Herald Sun, The Age, MX, Channel’s 7, 9, 10 and The ABC, The Circle, The 7PM Project Metro Whip Around, Nova FM, Mix 101.1, Kara’s Party Ideas, Pop Sugar Moms, Mum’s Lounge, Inspired Coach, Clever Mamma, ROOOAR Magazine and more.


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Susan Alberti

Susan Alberti AC is one of Australia’s pre-eminent philanthropists, having donated millions of dollars to medical research and other charitable causes over her successful business career.
Susan Alberti was a finalist in the Australian of the Year Award in 1997 and again in 2009. In 1997 she received an AM (Member of the Order of Australia) for her contributions towards the cause of diabetes research. Susan was awarded an AO (Officer of the Order of Australia) on January 2007. This recognised her long and outstanding contribution to major medical research institutions, particularly as a philanthropist, fundraiser and advocate for Type1 diabetes care and research.


Annemarie Cross

Annemarie Cross is a Brand and Communication Strategist & Chief Storyteller from Communicate Now Pty Ltd. She is also the CEO & Founder of the media and broadcasting corporation – The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network. Over the years she has been referred to as: “The Podcasting Queen” by many of her guests and clients, due to her expertise and involvement in podcasting since 2008. Annemarie works with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, SMBs and corporations, helping them stand out, engage and retain customers in a rapidly changing, competitive and disruptive marketplace. 


Caroline Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy is an experienced CEO. She came from humble beginnings growing up in adversity, to become an accomplished CEO in the private and corporate sector. She’s an author, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and mentor to businesses. Caroline has built a reputation as one of Australia's foremost experts on business. She now focuses on running her business CEO HQ and her personal brand Caroline Kennedy, which works with business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders to build their industry influence, accelerating growth and impact.
Caroline is a published author. Her book The Power of Wow! Why Thank You Makes Dollars & Sense, shares a 7-step method to help businesses increase sales, retain staff and have clients rave about them.

Bridget Wood, Suburban Sandcastles

Bridget Wood is a writer, speaker, event manager and facilitator with a vision to raise our collective consciousness through her businesses Suburban Sandcastles and Nourishing The Mother. With studies in media, communications and human behaviour, and ten years spent in the Corporate world, Bridget has an insatiable appetite for knowledge and a desire to understand the bigger picture of how we, and the world, are the way we are, and to empower people to connect to themselves and realise their potential.



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