Simple Tips for Social Media Copy (that converts!)

When you hear the phrase ‘Social Media Marketing’, it often conjures up an image of drool-worthy Instagram feeds, reaction GIFs and memes. If your business needs warm leads, or sales for something other than food or apparel, it can be difficult to see where you fit into the scape of Social Media Marketing. While it’s easy to fall into the trap of seeing Social Media exclusively as a tool for awareness and engagement, these easy copywriting tips will give you the tools to craft a campaign for every stage of the sales funnel.


Got a sense of urgency? Use it!

Whatever you’re selling, scarcity and limited availability can sell it better. This is the rationale behind online shopping phenomena like Click Frenzy and Flash Sales, and it’s what turns Black Friday from an average day into an all-out stampede. But how can you incorporate this into your marketing? If your offer is genuinely available for a limited time only, it’s important to say so. In terms of allure, ‘We’re having a sale’ pales in comparison to ’48 Hour Flash Sale!’

If your product doesn’t have scarcity, why not create some? This has been done masterfully by THE FIFTH, a watch label that releases limited edition pieces on the 5th of each month, creating the kind of scarcity that builds a brand story of prestige and exclusivity. Even better? Newsletter subscribers get early access to new releases, building both sales and an email database. Exclusive deals, trials and discounts can immediately shorten your conversion window from ‘sometime’ to ‘now’.


Test, test, test

Famed adman David Ogilvy once said “Never stop testing and your advertising will never stop improving,” and it’s as true today as it was then. When writing on social media, some of the best things to test are:

  • Short Post Text vs. Long. Keeping it short and snappy can be of high value on mobile, where characters are limited. However, if your product is little-known, hard to understand or requires a lot of trust (like a financial service or B2B software as a service), long copy can be just what you need to convince and convert. Split test them both, and continue sponsoring the winner.
  • Formatting. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are a battle for cut-through, so when you’re crafting copy, try mixing it up. Try bullet point lists, play with emojis, try ticks and crosses to emphasise your product’s benefits over those of your competitors. In a sea of plain black, a splash of colour may be what you need to make your copy ‘pop’.


KISS (Keep it simple, stupid!)

When it comes to language on social media, never use a long word when a short one will do. Question whether industry-specific jargon is absolutely necessary, as you’ll often be speaking to people with a variety of levels of understanding of your product or service. Only use acronyms if you’re certain that their meaning will take no more than a glance to understand. According to Adweek, you’ve got a matter of seconds to leave a lasting impression – keeping it simple will reach your audience before their attention span is gone.





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