When you build your blog readership it helps to grow your business, draw in more customers and keep connections with your current customers. Good blogging means posting suitable content material and finding ways to remind your audience about you via email, social media and even advertisements.

Here a 3 simple ways to build your blog readership so that they’ll keep coming back for more.

1. Publish More Content

You have to post more content to build your blog readership. But, it’s not about post just anything and hoping that your audience will come back looking for more. The key is knowing your audience, who they are and what they need to know.

Your content has to be relevant to your readership. You need to get to know your audience so that you can provide the type of content they want and need. It has to be high quality too. While you do not have to be perfect, don’t just post up anything.

Finally, you need to post more content on a regular basis. You want to be providing your audience with high quality content a few times a week. It doesn’t just have to be in text format. Try using in a range of forms such as infographics, illustrations or photos, online video, audio or podcasts as well as text. This variety will keep your audience interested in what you have to say which will make them keep coming back, sharing and engaging with you.

2. Get Your Content Out There

There are more than 100 million blogs online. In order that your readership can find you, you’re going to have to market each piece of content that you post.

This can be done via social media to share and engage about your blog posts to bring more traffic and create more interest in your content. Make sure the content is easy to share. Get a social plugin that enables you to add share buttons at the top and bottom of your posts. You can also encourage your readers to sign up for your email newsletter so that you directly send updates to your blog to their email inbox.

3. Give Things Away

To encourage people to sign-up to your email newsletter you can offer them a freebie or give-away in return. This process of collecting and building a list of email addresses can make all the difference between a profitable blog and a struggling blog.

Your freebie only has to be something simple like a checklist, a spreadsheet, a ‘short and sweet’ eBook. As long as it provides value. If you give away useless rubbish that provides no value, your audience will place little value on your business.

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