Pinterest is the next big thing. Here’s why.


There are a lot of myths floating around regarding Pinterest and if you are not using this amazing tool, your business is certainly missing out. This is SINGLE-HANDEDLY where the majority of my blog traffic comes from. No lie.

So let’s bust these myths once and for all!

Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest, and follow all my boards. I spend hours a week collating the BEST content & trainings and file them on my board. It’s an incredible resource!

PINTEREST IS A SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM LIKE ALL OTHERS – FALSE!  Think about it. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all intrinsically social. Users go on these platforms to see what their college buddies are doing, see the cute baby pictures their best friend’s second cousin once removed posted, and the occasional cat video. On the other hand, most users go on Pinterest to search for and find ideas and inspiration. Not to socialize.

PINTEREST WON’T WORK FOR MY NICHE –FALSE! There are over 150 million users on Pinterest from all over the world. With such a large and diverse user base, finding your ideal audience on Pinterest is very possible!

ONLY WOMEN CENTRED TOPICS DO WELL ON PINTEREST –FALSE! While it’s true that Pinterest first became popular among women, men are quickly catching up and joining the fun.

PINTEREST IS PURELY VISUAL – FALSE! There may be a focus on visuals but also spend some time doing a little keyword research and using those keywords in titles and descriptions.

HASHTAGS DON’T WORK ON PINTEREST – TRUE! (Phew, finally a myth that’s actually true!) Pinterest does not support hashtags in their search algorithm so adding a #ton #of #these will do no good and will only make you look spammy! So save them for Instagram and Twitter. Instead, as I mentioned above, focus on keywords and using those on titles and descriptions.

Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest, and follow all my boards. I spend hours a week collating the BEST content & trainings and file them on my board. It’s an incredible resource!

Here are over 35 quick easy things you can do to grow your Pinterest account and drive traffic to your site:

  1. Signup for Tailwind and join my tribe! You’ll use the same tool I use to find content, and auto post!
  2. Get Rich Pins.
  3. Pin eye-catching and attractive images.
  4. When creating your own images, use titles & text overlay on the images to inform pinners what the pin is about.
  5. Comment on pins.
  6. Pin variety, not just your content.
  7. Check the link on a pin to make sure it goes to the correct site before repinning.
  8. Pin throughout the day, not all at once.
  9. Pin everyday.
  10. Use a pin scheduler to automate your pinning.
  11. Create and pin long, vertical images.  They’re easier to see in the Pinterest feed and get more repins.
  12. Install the Pinterest browser button. It makes it easy to pin the great ideas you find from around the web.
  13. Write a good pin description with keywords to optimise searches within Pinterest.  If repining, edit the existing description if needed.
  14. Before pinning content from your blog or website, make sure you’ve used keywords to name your image files to help them show up in Pinterest searches.
  15. Organise boards.
  16. Join group boards.
  17. Use related and attractive images for board covers.
  18. Title boards with specific, descriptive names and keywords to optimise SEO.
  19. Write clear, keyword specific descriptions for each of your boards.
  20. Follow other boards.
  21. Create boards that relate to your blog’s or business’s topic.
  22. Place boards with your content at the top of your Pinterest page.
  23. Link your other social media accounts to your Pinterest account.  (Go to your Pinterest “account settings” and then go to “social networks.”
  24. Use Pinterest analytics.
  25. Follow other Pinterest accounts.
  26. Verify your account – this allows you to include a link back to your site.
  27. Upload your image or logo for your Pinterest profile image.
  28. Write a clear description in your profile so people know what your Pinterest page, blog or website is all about.
  29. If you have a website that generates an income, even it it’s just a little bit, get a Business Account on Pinterest.
  30. Make it easy to pin content from your blog or website by including a “pin it” button on your site.
  31. Make it easy to follow your Pinterest account with a “follow me” button on your site.
  32. Use Pinterest widgets to embed boards and display your most recent pins on your site.
  33. Avoid pinning too much at one time.
  34. Pin from a specific URL not the main blog page or from a Google search.
  35. Follow posted rules when pinning to group board.
  36. Engage and participate – stay active on Pinterest by liking, commenting,  pinning, and following.
  37. Curate great content to make your boards an excellent resource on your topic or area of focus.
  38. Pin good quality, informative, eye catching content.

Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest, and follow all my boards. I spend hours a week collating the BEST content & trainings and file them on my board. It’s an incredible resource!

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