Growing Your Blog Traffic with the Help of Keywords for Free

Many bloggers look for traffic for their blogs without having to spend any money. Read on to find out some of the most organic ways to increase the number of visitors to your website.

Are you looking for more visitors from the search engines? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your blog posts received hundreds or even thousands of views on a monthly basis from Google and other search engines? Although search engines are not the only source of traffic, they are undoubtedly the most important nonetheless. According to one research, a whopping 51 percent of traffic comes from organic search!

Getting organic search is sure difficult but it is definitely not impossible. Here are a few things which require your attention for it:

What are keywords?

Before anything else, you need to know about the keywords. These are the words or phrases which people type in the search box to find relevant content on the web such as “best restaurant in New York”. Longer and more specific keywords are known as long-tail keywords, for example, “How to increase blog traffic with the help of keywords?”

Certain keywords are more competitive than others and may bring thousands or even millions of results. On the other hand, some may be contained only on a handful of websites. By finding the target keywords and inserting them in your blog post, you can increase the number of visitors to your blog significantly.

How keywords help in increasing traffic?

Through keywords, your content becomes more visible when people search for the terms which are one way or the other related to your blog. By regularly publishing content which is based on those keywords and is of the highest quality, one can begin to rank well on the searches. The trick behind this is to choose the right keywords and incorporate them into your content in the most appropriate way.

Basic Keyword Research

You need to -have some basic knowledge of keywords so that you can choose the best-targeted keywords for your content. Before you begin writing, you must have a clear idea of what you want.

Certain keywords are so competitive that you have little to no chance of getting a decent ranking with them. This is the reason that choosing the right keywords is the key to get good results in searches.

Getting Started

There are certain tools which are suitable to get in-depth keyword research and one of them is Ahrefs. If you are using this tool then follow these steps:

  • While using Ahrefs, you need to head to the keywords explorer and type in a general keyword which you have thought of and is related to your blog.
  • The tool will provide you a set of keywords which will be related to your original keyword.
  • Detailed information about each keyword will be displayed and it will include the monthly search volume, clicks per search, and the difficulty score of the keyword. This score helps in determining how difficult it is to get to the top 10 search results.
  • If you type any of the initial ideas into the keyword search box, you will get more keyword ideas apt for your blog.

An ideal keyword is the one which has a healthy monthly volume and low-to-medium competition. It is better to look for long-tail keywords as they have less competition and can get better ranking.

Developing Content

Once you have appropriate knowledge about the keywords, you can think of getting started on your content. The biggest mistake made by newbies is to include the keyword a little too many times in the blog post. This is known as keyword stuffing and might even cause Google to penalize your website.

Your aim should be to produce high-quality content with decent readability while including the keyword a couple of times in the content. Usually, the density of the keyword is between 0.5 to 2.5%.

Here are a few tips to bring in more traffic to your blog apart from using targeted keywords:

  1. Be Strategic About Your Content

Yes, we all have come across the cliché term “content is king” but this is the truth. The foremost thing to do is to create content which is of the highest quality and sparks interest. However, you can also create better content by being strategic with the marketing efforts.

The most popular and successful content is the one which can meet the specific needs of the people. You must think about your audience and what is liked by them and what is not. Your content can be funny, cool or educational as per the demands of the people with some really catchy headlines.

Also, you must try to be evergreen with your content because that is going to stay on the web for a good amount of time.

  1. Hunt Down Your Audience

It is impossible to make everyone a part of your audience. You will be able to satisfy the needs of only a few people and it is your responsibility to hunt them down. It is good to have a strong and wide presence on the web but remember that you cannot excel by burning every other platform.

Find out which social networks are best for you and where your blog will be more catered to. After finding the right nests, you can strike it big and get a huge audience which is actually interested in your content. Understand your audience and go where you think you can easily find more of them. You can even rely on Google analytics to see which websites are driving more traffic than the others.

  1. Optimize For Speed and Mobile

Your visitors will never wait for your blog to load and will eventually leave your page. This is the most undesirable thing for any blogger as they get traffic after making so many efforts. Do not let the audience hit the back button just because your page is not loading on time. If you want to check your speed, you can always use Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool. It will give you your speed score as well as the right tips to get the right kick for your website.

The users these days spend a significant amount of time on their smartphones and tablets. Going mobile has become more of a necessity for all the websites because most of the traffic is received from these handheld devices. You might consider some of the WordPress plugins to make sure that your website becomes mobile optimized.

  1. Play Nice With Others

Good manners have a heavy role to play. If you want to build traffic, you can establish good relationships with other bloggers of your niche too. You can even team up with your competitors in order to get more traffic towards your own blog.

Leave comments on the blogs of other people and stay active in various communities so that you get noticed by people. By forming good relationships with others, you might even ask them to drive their readers to your blogs too giving you some more visitors.

These are so far the most effective and best ways of earning more traffic for your blog without paying even a dime. All you need to do is to produce quality, use some reliable tools, and act decently on the web to get some visitors.

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