Meet Candice Meisels

We’ve been a fan of Candice Meisels for quite some time now. For those of us in startups or small business, it’s hard to find a way to afford PR. Let alone a DAMN GOOD PUBLICIST.

If you are a women running her own business, trying to do big things, Candice is one woman you need to know, like right now. She’ll be on your case, getting great stories out of you and get you fantastic publicity for your business.

About Candice PR

Candice Meisels is a PR Consultant specialising in start ups, mumpreneurs and women in business.
Candice ensures that PR is affordable for start ups. She works with brands, products and services to create brand awareness and achieve optimum media coverage.
Contact Candice for affordable PR packages. Mention Jac Bowie/Flourish for a discount.
Facebook: Candice Meisels PR
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