How to Build Your Business Relations With LinkedIn Groups

Everyone has a lot of social media questions in mind that cover major social media sites and social media platform as a whole. And when it comes LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups and group discussion topics, the one question that often crawls forward- “Is participating in LinkedIn Groups a good idea as a part of social media strategy?”

The answer is “Yes”

LinkedIn Groups are virtual meeting rooms where individuals with similar interests can post and participate in conversations in the form of discussion around topics they want to share or learn more about. Participating in LinkedIn Groups allows you to show off your expertise around a subject and start to grow relationships with individuals having the same interest as well.

Most of these people may be colleagues from near or far, who could offer solutions to certain problems you’ve been facing, or could offer partnership opportunities to help you grow your business. Also, few of them could be potential customers, who are using these groups to grow their network and at the same time find solutions of their own.

Sharing your knowledge, participating in discussions, and being a reliable source of information will give you the opportunity to build valuable relationships that will help you grow your professional career or business.

How to find and join the right groups in LinkedIn?

Being a corporate platform, LinkedIn makes it easy to find relevant Groups to your profession or business, or the readers you’re trying to reach. The facility of performing a search basing on particular keywords and filters will help you get the right Groups.

You can see who in your network belongs to those Groups and joining Groups with connections that are already members of those groups can help you nurture your network.

Seeking the people’s opinions that what they think about the Groups they can help to continue building the relationships and let you understand what Groups may be right for you.

LinkedIn has both public and private Groups. In public groups, you need to hit the “join” button to be a member of the group for getting an instant access, whereas in private groups, you require to request an invitation from the manager of the group to get access.

You can join up to 50 Groups and try to find the groups that are managed well and have constant interactions.

How to participate in the LinkedIn Group discussion?

After joining the groups, take time to familiarize yourself with the group, the content that people are sharing, and types of questions that are being asked.

Tips to remember while participating in a LinkedIn Group discussion:

  1. Show off your expertise by answering questions that others have asked and ask some questions of your own as groups are meant to be a forum for like-minded people.
  2. Share articles or blogs and ask the Group members a question related to it and have a discussion.
  3. The goal behind posting the articles or answering questions is not to promote yourself. Your aim is to build relationships. Generalize your idea while participating in group discussion.
  4. Let the other person know why you want to connect with them, and remind them of your interaction in the Group.
  5. If you have been interacting with someone on numerous occasions, so try to connect with them on other networks and extend your relationship.

So, let’s build the business relationship on the LinkedIn group by engaging with the right audience.

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