Recently I purchased a local wedding styling and planning business called Oh Perfect Day. I’ve given it a cheeky little rebrand, it’s now known as Darling Don’t Panic.



It’s a gorgeous established business, based out of Geelong and was servicing the whole of the surf coast, Geelong, Daylesford and surrounds.  The previous owner had done an incredible job of preparing templates, processes so it was an exciting and obvious choice for me with my 12 years of previous events experience.

I made a few tweaks, nothing major, I guess the biggest one being we now service all of Victoria, and other locations on request. I didn’t want to say no to producing a beautiful event in Bowral, or the Blue Mountains, if I knew the area, and the bride and idea was a fit.

So whilst I had a list on Mailchimp as part of the sale, the list was in the mid 200s, and they had not been contacted for some time. Half could have already had their wedding! So I decided I would set that aside, and start from scratch.

Here are the exact steps I took to generate over 80 leads in my business, in under a week. 

  1. Create a desirable and useful opt-in. Ours is “12 Steps to discover (& get) the wedding you want!”
  2. Set up a lead form – I choose to use Dubsado for my leads and workflows.
  3. Create a page on your website to house the lead form, and allow the opt-in to be downloaded/sent as soon as the form is filled out. In this form I further qualified by asking if they had a wedding date, or a venue and what was their biggest planning issue right now.
  4. Facebook Ad created, copied the text from my opt-in page, used that as the URL. Campaign was sent to Traffic, women 20-45 in Victoria who’s relationship status is “engaged”. I put $350 into the Ad spend, 30 days duration.
  5. This worked FAST, the leads starting coming in fast.
  6. I then created an automatic email in Dubsado that went out as soon as the form was completed to remind of the download link, and ask if the client wanted help planning the wedding. There was a link to book an appointment on my site. I also made mention that either way, I’d send our Enquiry Pack a few days later.
  7. Then there was a a follow-up email 3 days later with a download to our Enquiry Pack. This lists our packages and prices. Again, another link to “book free consultation” via the calendar on our website.
  8. From there, either an appointment was booked, or not. If it was booked, it was pretty close to a sale as all objections had been handled. If not, I’d later send a follow up a fortnight later. But this process has fully booked my calendar with appointments.

We have had so much success with this sales funnel, we are now processing franchise enquiries for wedding stylists and planners, who wish to have our marketing and promotional support, while they focus on what they do best – events!

Enjoy! And if you want my help setting it up for your business, do our online marketing course for your business, or email me and we can talk about something custom-made.


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Here’s how we are looking today:

Here’s the actual Facebook Ad graphic we used:

The Facebook Ad we used