4 Essential Tips That Will Add Some ROI to Your Brochure Marketing Game

Ever since the emergence of social media and internet marketing, it can truly become a struggle for companies to get the attention of potential clientele. On top of that, many companies don’t consider how effective offline marketing strategies can still be. For example a brochure is an offline marketing tactic that can go far and do the selling for you. However, there’s a way to design the brochure so that it can increase your chances of an ROI. Consider these four essential tips when it’s time to create a brochure.

1. Attention

The brochure needs flair, style and attention-grabbing qualities. Whether it’s an interesting color scheme, fun text or interesting graphics, the brochure quality needs to be consistent with the company brand. Instead of racking your own brain to come up with an idea, outsource this type of work to a professional graphic designer or a company like eLearning to think creatively and try some out-of-the-box strategies. Many people love reading the comics in the weekly paper. Turning the brochure into a creative comic will grab attention and get the message out to more people. Graphic design professionals can effectively get that message across.

2. Benefits

Though it’s not intentional, most people are naturally selfish. They think about what they can gain out of a specific relationship or opportunity first. Speak to that innate desire through the content of the brochure. Don’t talk so much about the company, its employees and the building. Completely shape the narrative around what the company can do for its clients. Focus on how your company can make a client’s life easier, better and more efficient. Talk about the benefits and the right consumers will want to experience them.

3. Readability

When it comes to copywriter, be sure to use a writer who understands the power of word choice and clear communication. Avoid using words that are industry-specific. Communicate clearly and concisely. After all, it is a brochure and not a book report.

4. Accessibility

Once people get the brochure, learn more about the company and become interested, make sure the contact information is accessible. In addition to the company’s phone number, email address and physical address, include the social media handles. Many Millennials will look at the social media presence of a company before they decide to do business with them. Make sure the contact information is updated and correct. As long as the company is accessible, the will increase the opportunity to serve more customers.

When it comes to offline marketing, a brochure is a formidable tactic to use. Always make sure to pass them out in high-traffic locations. Consider where your customers hang out and where you can really reach them. Then, follow these four steps and you’re on your way.

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