6 Ways To Increase Your Productivity

No matter what profession you are in, it’s unlikely that you are extremely productive at all time. We would all love to be able to crank out a blog, edit a photo or run an excellent advert by the boss at any time during our working day. Unfortunately, that is very rarely the case when it comes to productivity.

It’s more likely in fact, that by about three in the afternoon your brain feels a little bit like a marshmallow, you have spent two hours watching cat videos and you are about as productive as you are when you are asleep. No one can be productive at all times of the day, but there are a number of things that you can do to try increase your productivity.


1. Find Out Where Your Most Productive Space Is

Not everyone is productive in the same space: some people thrive off noise, others need silence and some need nature. Finding out where you are your most productive will help you find out what drives your productivity.

Harvard research has found that offices that are designed for movement can increased productivity. Movement of the body can trigger different areas of brains that are responsible for attention, creativity & thought. That is why insight often occurs when you take a walk or move away from your desk.



2. Figure When Your Most Productive Time

There are morning people, midday people, evening people and even night people. You The thing is when it comes to productivity times, everyone is completely different. If you figure out when you are your freshest and your most productive, you will be able to consciously use this time to get important things done. However, research has shown that our brains are sharpest two and a half to four hours after waking


3. Never Throw Away Old Ideas

You should start a catalogue or keep a file of all your old ideas, as you never know when they will come in useful. Going over your old ideas could give you new innovative ways to do things, and things that may not have been relevant back then may be of use now.


4. Saying No Is Okay

Sometimes people struggle to say no to things, they may be work related or family related, but sometimes it’s necessary to refuse things that you know are going to take your time and energy.

Say yes to exciting opportunities and open doors, but say no to the things that aren’t going to grow you in any way and concentrate on giving your full focus on the things that will.

5. Me time

Our days are spent in an office running from meeting to meeting, scheduling things with other people and chasing our tails in general. Remember to schedule in some quiet time for yourself during the day too.


6. Find your Meditation

Everyone is different when it comes to finding what calms them down and gets their head level. For some it’s yoga and meditation, others it’s swimming, running or sports and for others, it may be gardening. Identify what makes you happy and make sure you try to do it at least once a day if possible.


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