Digital Decisions: 5 Ways to Improve Your Business’s Technology

Every business must rely on technology to gain a competitive advantage. The right digital tools will increase efficiency and employee engagement to lower costs and improve productivity. These are essential factors in your business growth. Your technology choices will depend on your industry, budget, and business model, but here are five approaches that benefit nearly every company.

Virtual Meetings

Technology that allows virtual face-to-face meetings over the internet can benefit your company in many ways. Visual indicators like facial expressions and body language can tell you a great deal, while visual contact is important to forming personal relationships. With video chat or conferencing software, you can connect with field employees, remote teams, or job candidates without inconveniencing either side by travel time and costs.

Online Project Management

Virtual employees are an increasing trend that allows you to save on space and utilities at the office, while providing a wider talent pool of candidates. Some might be local, and some on the other side of the world. Project sharing apps accessible online can help you stay in touch no matter where remote workers are. A good project app provides file sharing, versioning, private email or SMS, and synchronizing schedules and lists so that information and progress are automatically kept up-to-date. You may also want to look into networking consulting for your business.

Mobile Payment Solutions

As more users come to rely on their smartphones for shopping or business apps, it will benefit your company to have mobile payment systems in effect. Users can make payments in advance on products or services, pay off bills, or avoid check-out line waits at your physical store. Field technicians, sales people, or other mobile employees can collect payments from customers on the road. You’ll find that this both provides better service to customers and improves your cash flow.

Big Data

The U.S. Auto industry alone is expected to invest $2.8 billion this year in data systems. Your business is inevitably collecting more customer, production, financial, and supply chain information. A new generation of user-friendly data tools allows even employees with no data science training to make projections, run reports, and identify market or production trends. Data analytics empowers you and your team to make smart business decisions.

Invest in ERP Software

Using spreadsheets to track facts and figures is hopelessly outdated. So are disparate systems like inventory or purchasing that exist separately. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions from companies like Maximum Computer Systems allow you to integrate all of this into one centralized business solution. This includes costing, scheduling, invoicing, purchase histories, and more. ERP software allows your organization to communicate and plan more effectively.

Incorporating new technologies into your business is more productive if you first identify the need and then research your options. If you have limited funds, prioritize. Adding the right digital tools to your company will drive consistent improvement.

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