Moving for Work? 4 Considerations Before Packing Up

Managing your career and taking care of opportunities when they arise is very important when it comes to professional development. One big decision that many people have to make is whether they should move to a new city for work. Prior to packing your bags, here are four factors that need to be considered to ensure you are making the right choice and that the move goes well.

Is This the Right Opportunity

When you are looking to move for work, the most important thing to think about is whether this is the right opportunity for you. Moving to a new city is a big commitment and will require you to uproot your whole life. You need to carefully consider whether this is a great professional move for you and whether you can see yourself living in this new city for a long time.

New Property

Before you start packing up, you first need to make sure that you have a new place to move into. Ideally, you employer should provide you with a little bit of time to find a new place to either rent or buy. This should include providing you with some sort of an allowance to cover the costs of traveling to the new city so you have time to meet with a realtor or listing agent.

Old Property

When you are looking to move for work you will also need to figure out what to do with your old property. If you are currently a property owner, you may need some extra time to provide time to list and sell your home. If the move is not going to be permanent, then a better option could be to lease your old property to a tenant for a period of time. If you are currently leasing, you may need to pay a fee to break your lease. In these situations, it may make sense to ask your employer to cover the lease breakage costs.

Have Company Pay for Move

When you are moving from one city to the next, the cost of moving can be high. Because of this, it would be appropriate to have your employer pay for the move, or at least give you an allowance to go towards the total costs. Beyond that, you should have your employer engage the moving company such as Wheaton World Wide Moving.


When you are moving to a new city for a job, it can be a very exciting experience. While you may be excited about the new opportunity, it is important to continue to stay in touch with people in the city where you came from. This will help to retain your relationships and ensure that you could go back to your old position if necessary.

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