Say Hello to Simple Online Booking Systems

Scheduling appointments is almost as quick as a click

By Pamela Meister, Organwise

The days of back and forth emails, texts, and phone calls to schedule a meeting are dwindling. Online scheduling tools like Acuity Scheduling, Calendly, and 10to8 are making the lives of entrepreneurs easier each day. These inexpensive, and even free, tools allow you to sync your existing calendars within the scheduling program. You can block off busy times, set up your meeting  availability preferences and schedule appointments with ease.

Forget about the conversations that sound like this: “How about Wednesday at 3 PM? That doesn’t work? OK. How about Thursday at 10 AM? No? Saturday at 2 PM? And so on…”  Now, you can set your schedule and refer people to your personal link. Scheduling becomes a breeze!

What’s even better, some of the booking systems allow you to embed your scheduler on your existing website. You can even provide a link in your email signature. Setting different availability for specific types of appointments adds another layer to some of the booking tools. Many also allow users to accept payments for services when appointments are scheduled. Integrating promo codes and gift certificates within the transactions are another fancy feature that add value to these technical solutions.

Less Work – More Automation

If you haven’t already opened another window to sign up for one of the online booking systems, you may be convinced when you learn that some of the booking tools allow you to create automated confirmation email responses. Additionally, templates for cancellations or rescheduled meetings can also provide additional automation for users. Options to send text message reminders are possible with some plans.

Who needs an online scheduler?

Let’s think about the possibilities. Motivational and business coaches, hair stylists, and speech therapists. Also, virtual assistants, graphic designers, and real estate agent. Don’t forget about , nanny services, cleaning services, and spiritual guides. Coaches and consultants of all kind benefit from system atomization. Pretty much anyone who schedules meetings with other people would benefit from one of these automated scheduling systems. Reduce the time and expense you spend on this mundane administrative task. Instead, do more of what you love!

What’s the investment?

Fees range from no cost options, usually for a single user with limited functions to plans with robust access for larger numbers of users, multiple calendars, and a wider range of functions for as much as $50 monthly.

Let’s Get started!

Set up is relatively simple for someone with time, patience, and a moderate comfort level with technology. Check out 5 Must Have Features for Acuity Scheduling, which includes the steps for how to set up each of  the highlighted features. Reach out to Organwise and we can help you determine which scheduling tool is the right fit for your business. Organwise can also help set up or tweak your online scheduler to take full advantage of the available features. Not only will you enjoy the increased efficiency and newly found ease of booking appointments, but you will also see how nicely the tools can integrate with your existing brand and help you sell your services.

Say goodbye to the back and forth calls and emails currently required to make each and every appointment in your day.  Say hello to efficiency, more time, and watch your business grow!

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