Small business owners are experts in their business. They take risks, perform many different tasks, think creatively and lead a team of like-minded people. But not all owners of small companies are good marketers.

A modern entrepreneur has to monitor many important aspects: sales, financing, personnel. Often, there is simply no time left on marketing. In addition, many businessmen simply do not have enough tools and resources to make marketing efforts more effective.

To find out what achievements the owners of small business managed to achieve in marketing in 2017, Infusionsoft interviewed 1000 entrepreneurs from the United States. In this article, we will review their main goals and problems, tactics and priorities, as well as trends and opportunities.

  1. Give-away Products with Your Logo

If you really need to push your brand, consider creating printed give-aways with your logo and contact details, such as pens, highlighters, USBs, paper folders, notepads and so on.

Branded products can create an attractive image of the manufacturer or their products and services. The more often the potential buyer sees your business logo, the more successful the sales will be. Perception of a familiar image works at a subconscious level.

Business relations involve the exchange of business cards. A design of a business card is the style of a company, its presentability, and sustainability. In this way, you should invest much time and resources in your logo and branded products design. The best decision is to contact professional designers who specialize in creating brand identity.

  1. Social Networks

Most entrepreneurs do not understand that some publications in social networks are not enough to increase sales and achieve business goals. Organic traffic on many websites over the past few years has significantly decreased. Regular posts from brands are seen on average only by 10% of subscribers.

To expand their reach, companies need to publish more content. Special tools for working with social networks can help you here. In them, you can plan your future posts and maintain a calendar of publications.

Increasing the number of leads and sales with this method is quite difficult. Therefore, you should use paid promotion. You can also experiment with new platforms and content formats, like live-video.

  1. Content Marketing: More Information for Potential Clients

Before making a purchase, most consumers are looking for a company on the Internet. That’s why content marketing is more important than ever. In 2017, it is simply necessary to provide potential customers with useful information in the format of articles or videos in order to push them to action.

To make content marketing work effectively, small business owners should attract readers and publish valuable and up-to-date content on a regular basis. This usually takes a long time and you should be patient.

  1. SEO: To Be There Where You’re Needed

If a potential customer looks for a product similar to yours, it is very important that your company is among the options offered. This helps to achieve search engine optimization.

You can start with registering in company catalogs, collecting reviews on specialized sites and creating stunning content.

Entrepreneurs need to monitor the latest trends in the field of SEO and any changes in the algorithms of search engines to provide their business with high positions in the issuance. This will significantly increase the flow of customers into your business.

  1. Online Advertising

Today, a small business can create advertising for a narrowly targeted audience, while saving the budget and getting measurable results. However, many entrepreneurs are still missing this tremendous opportunity, considering advertising too expensive and complex.

Here the whole thing is in a focus. It is important to choose a goal for yourself, determine the most effective tactics and act. This is not difficult at all. Study your target audience, analyze the main sources of traffic, leads and customers. Start small and gradually adapt your strategy until you find the most effective approach.


Internet marketing is constantly changing. But with changes, there are also new opportunities for small business. There are both old proven marketing methods, and new ones.

Today, small companies have access to all those tools that are used by global corporations, including tools for creating branded production, social networking, SEO, content marketing and Internet advertising. Once mastered these tools and tactics, entrepreneurs will be able to successfully develop their business.


Author: Tanya Mayer