5 Valuable eCommerce Marketing Tips

If you want to profit from your business, you have to be online. Modern customers like online shopping, and even those who are not that digitally savvy find someone to shop for them. If you want a successful business you have to be present on both fronts: online and offline. If we take a look at the statistics for the US market, one of the biggest on the global level, the data will show that 51% of Americans shop online, eCommerce grows 23% each year and 46% of small businesses are without a website.

Additionally, 54% of customers made purchases at eCommerce marketplaces and 30% of shoppers would buy directly from social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Snapchat, according to the research by BigCommerce website and experts from Square. But going online is not enough. You have to keep up with the customers’ needs and beat the competition for your place on the market. If you can’t burden your budget with hiring professionals to do it for you, here are marketing tips to boost your eCommerce success.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Social media can be a risky move due to the unpredictability and time needed to find out which one will suit you best, but once figured out the benefits are enormous. This is due to the fact that people like personal contact, and that’s what you can achieve through your social media profiles and by communicating with the customers. Customers will share their positive experiences with your brand, give you feedback and inspire others to follow you. Such integration will increase the eCommerce sales because you will present the product on social media, lead interested parties to your website and turn them into customers when they make a purchase.


Work With Influencers

Influencers are people who have a large number of followers who value their opinion and therefore will most likely do as they suggest. Many marketing campaigns include them and control the public opinion on their brand, products and services with the help of influencers. Probably the best example would be the use of celebrities for endorsing a product. If a famous movie star says that she uses a specific brand of shampoo on her Instagram profile and that’s why her hair always looks fabulous, the sales for that product will go over the top and thanks to the online store, anyone anywhere in the world can buy it.

Not all campaigns include only celebrities. There are respectable bloggers and popular social media figures who are also trendsetters and opinion makers. They are easier to reach and work with, not to mention that they are great influencers for small businesses and less famous brands.

Offer Referral Incentives

Referral marketing is something that has been used for a long time, and it mostly includes the word of mouth. But referral works best when paired with the reward approach. Simply put, a customer suggests to a friend to purchase a product. Once the friend does that and the seller receives confirmation of the purchase, the customer who referred the product receives the reward. For example, Amazon Prime has one of the most successful and best referral programs. Namely, if you send your friend an invitation to join, after they subscribe and spend $5 you will get $5 off your Amazon purchase.

The Importance of Customer Reviews 

Internet Retailer, an online magazine, has stated that reviews can help you increase the conversion rate by 14-76% if you include them in your online store. Customer reviews are a form of mini influencing marketing which is based on testimonials and feedback on the products and overall service. The reviewers are all customers who may not be famous and that’s what makes them closer to the everyday shopper.

According to the BigCommerce and Square research results, 69% of online customers are supporting reviews on the eCommerce websites. And the best thing about them is that you can also improve your SEO with reviews because they will increase the amount of content on your site.


Implement Conversion-Focused Web Design

Your website is intended to attract customers and keep them returning for more. That is why respectable companies such as Nirmal are using conversion focused web design is imperative if you want to convert the end user. Today’s websites are more complex than they used to be although it all appears simpler. A web designer has to know how to create not only an attractive website but also one that will appeal to visitors’ needs. According to the Kissmetrics website, 93% of people say the visual appearance of the website is the biggest influence in making a purchase.

The most famous example of how much design can influence customers is a test done by Performable’s website. They changed the CTA button colour from green to red and experienced a 21% increase in conversions. This is because red is more noticeable than green and people easily spotted it on the website.



There is no business without marketing. Using it for eCommerce purposes has become an absolute necessity today if you want to be a successful seller, and a lot of small businesses still do not have a digital marketing strategy in place, to begin with. That is why it is important to understand the importance of employing SEO and other digital marketing tactics to your advantage. By doing this, you are encompassing every aspect of doing online business and you will leave your competitors far behind. 

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