Effective Pointers for Promoting Your Store on Social Media

It isn’t hard to see why so many businesses are using prominent social media outlets as promotional tools. After all, social media is free, easy to use and can assist businesses in reaching thousands of prospective customers. Additionally, social media promotion isn’t limited to large enterprises – even fledgling online stores can get in on the action. As any longtime ecommerce website proprietor can confirm, promotion can be difficult when no one is aware of your site’s existence. This is where social media mainstays like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram enter the equation. If used in the proper manner, these sites can pave the way for a dramatic uptick in business. Store owners who are eager to start using social media to their advantage can benefit from the following tips.

Interact With Your Audience

Thanks to social media, it’s become easier than ever for consumers to submit questions to retailers. Needless to say, ignoring consumer queries or regarding them with disdain won’t do you any favors with prospective patrons. Instead, make a point of responding to every question and concern sent your way in a timely and personable manner. Doing so will make customers – both current and prospective – feel personally invested in the success of your store, thus making them more likely to reward you with repeat business. Anyone who aspires to own an online store should be able to engage their target audience.

Encourage Sharing

Shares and retweets can bring your store to the attention of countless prospective customers. With this in mind, encourage your followers to like, share and retweet your posts. However, you’ll also need to make a consistent effort to create posts that are worthy of sharing. For example, posts that alert customers of upcoming sales events are more likely to receive positive attention than run-of-the-mill updates. Holding photo captioning contests is another effective way to promote sharing. These contests typically entail tasking your followers with uploading creatively captioned images that relate to your store or its products.

Post Regularly

In order to carve out a strong online presence for your business, you’ll need to update your various social media accounts on a consistent basis. If you allow long periods of time to pass between posts, some followers are likely to forget about your store and stop watching for updates. On the flipside, posting too often is liable to get an account muted or unfollowed. As such, it’s in your best interest to find a healthy balance – i.e. post at least one update to each account every 24 hours, and post no more than four updates within the aforementioned time period.

When it comes to digital promotion, no business can afford to overlook the massive influence of social media – and online stores are no exception. If properly utilized, Facebook, Twitter and other social media behemoths can lead to heightened interest in a store, as well as a sizable increase in new business. If your store doesn’t currently have a strong social media presence, there’s no time like the present to start interacting with your audience, producing share-worthy content and posting with greater regularity.

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