How to Handle Your Startup’s First Workers Compensation Case

Few entrepreneurs are fortunate enough to escape at least one workers comp claim during their tenures as business owners. When you have employees, chances are that at least one of them will get hurt or sick as a direct result of their time on the job. You can prepare for this eventuality now and know how to handle your first workers comp claim against your business by keeping these simple but important measures in mind.

Keep in Constant Communication with Your Insurance Company

After your employee files a claim against your insurance policy, you will need to remain in constant contact with the insurance company until the case is settled. It is vital that you provide all information requested of you in a timely manner.

You should also allow the investigators access to the injured worker’s supervisors and coworkers. It likewise is important that you are honest about what happened and avoid hiding details in a bid to protect your company or reputation.

Cooperate with the Workers Comp Attorney

Your employee may retain legal counsel to assist him or her during the claim. You should recognise the attorney as an ally rather than an adversary. The lawyer may be able to help you avoid a similar matter in the future and reveal what risks in your building pose the biggest hazard to your workers.

Your cooperation with the workers comp attorney can also help you avoid significant financial risks to your company. By providing timely and honest facts about the accident, you might have the opportunity to settle the case, admit your wrongdoing, learn from the situation, and improve the way you run your business in the future.

Be Fair with the Employee

Finally, as a startup owner it is crucial that you comply fully with the workers comp laws in your state when welcoming your employee back to work. You cannot by law terminate or punish the employee. You also cannot transfer the worker out of his or her position unless this person can no longer physically perform the job.

You also may need to provide reasonable accommodations to the employee if necessary. You cannot push the worker too hard or demand that he or she compromise his or her health if that person is still recovering from the injury or illness.

These critical measures can help you handle your first workers comp claim as a startup owner. They allow you the opportunity to learn from the situation and make changes to your business as necessary.

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