Outstanding Advertising: How to Make Your Marketing Stand out from the Rest

In the business world, it’s not just about having a great idea or even a great product. You need to be able to market your business and what it offers if you want to make a profit. There are plenty of marketing methods out there, but the challenge is standing out from your competition. Your marketing campaigns need to grab your target audience’s attention away from all their other options. Here are four effective ways to do just that.

Build Your Marketing around What Makes Your Business Different

When you’re in the planning stages of your business, it’s important to figure out its unique selling proposition (USP). This is what your business does that the competition doesn’t, and by emphasizing it in your marketing campaigns, you can attract customers.

A USP doesn’t need to be complicated. Southwest Airlines set itself apart by allowing free checked bags at a time when other carriers started charging for that, and it pointed that out in an ad campaign with the line “Bags fly free.” as cell phone carriers focused on two-year contracts, T-Mobile called itself “the un-carrier” and switched to no-contract plans. Whatever it is that makes your business different, make it a focus of your marketing.

Create a Unique Brand Voice

The biggest problem with most brands is how boring they are. To avoid offending anyone or alienating any potential customers, brands adopt a conservative, professional style that doesn’t make any waves.

Instead of toning down your brand voice, turn it up and embrace what makes it different. Look at the Wendy’s Twitter account for the perfect example of this. Most fast food chains have tepid, dull social media posts. Wendy’s has gone the opposite route by using Twitter to make sassy comments, even going so far as to insult other fast food restaurants. The fast food chain took a risk and got a ton of attention as a result.

Include a Strong Guarantee in Your Ads

Customers love when there’s a guarantee attached to a product, and if you’re willing to offer a better guarantee than your competition, then that’s an excellent way to close out your ad. Zappos does this with its 365-day returns window, which is much longer than your typical shoe store. Amazon got attention for its Amazon Prime program with the offer for free two-day shipping at a time when most online retailers ship in five to seven business days.

Consider what kind of guarantee you can include that your competition won’t. Perhaps that’s a year-long return policy. This may seem risky, but you’ll find that most customers won’t take advantage of things like this.

Work with a Printing Service to Craft Memorable Marketing Materials

Although online advertising on search engines and social media networks has taken off quite a bit, printed marketing materials are still a great way to get people’s attention. Find a printing service you like to design displays, pamphlets, business cards and other marketing materials for your company. One smart strategy is to compare the printed materials other companies in your industry have, and then put your own unique spin on that style.

Marketing materials like wall graphics and lettering in Chicago are ideal for distributing at trade shows and other events. You can also post them around your city as a type of guerilla marketing.

These are a few of the ways that you can set your business’s marketing campaigns apart. The key takeaway from all these tips is that you need to find the things that make your business unique and make them your focus. Do that and customers will start to gravitate towards your company.

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