5 Reasons your Business Should be Working with Charities

2018 could be the year that you give back the gift to a local worthy cause that you have a special connection to. There are 54,000 charities registered in Australia and on average 9 charities being added every day. With so much choice you will be hard pressed not to find an organisation that doesn’t resonate somewhere with your or your business.

But as a small or solo business what is in it for you? Our guide gives the top 5 reasons as to how giving to charity can be a two-way street.

Giving Back

You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get in your stomach when you do something good. Well why not know with every good day at work. Even every bad day at work can include a worthy cause is getting something back. Your business is going to receive a lot of help over the years. In the early days I expect it had its share of good will help and freebies. So why not just give a little back to your community?

Tax Breaks

In addition, as a business giving donation to charity has the added bonus of you being able to take tax breaks, that ultimately can help your bottom line. In Australia as long as the amount is over $2 you can get deductions on your tax from charitable giving.


A recent European survey showed that nearly half (49% of European shoppers were looking and would prefer to shop with ethical businesses. In America it was found that in 2013 of the 2,000 people they survived 29% said they would prefer to shop with business that donated to charity. Shoppers are looking to shop with more ethical and charitable brands. It is important to consumers that they not only save money but that they are giving back with their purchases. Could your USP actually increase your customer base?

Public Relations

How much time do you spend on marketing? How much money do you spend on it? Joining forces with a charity could gives you some much needed press or publicity through there endorsement. Your marketing team (which may just be you) can also use this to their advantage. They can create press releases for your business to local and possible national media to shout about the work you are doing with your good cause. My Favourite Voucher Codes has a charity poll of 3 business every month to win 20% of their profits. Each month these 3 charities post on their website, social media and local media to try and raise votes to win the donation. All that work with some support from the Charities Coordinator is free publicity.


Having a business with a strong charitable focus can create a culture within your business. By having such a strong message you can even attract similar kinds of people to work for you and with you. Sharing your beliefs and outlook is a great way to create a culture in your business. One that you support and encourage but also one that your employees, suppliers and customers will resonate with.

In conclusion, whether this year you donate a few hundred dollars or a few thousand. You can take pride that the work you do every day is also helping others. Surely most of us want to work for business or own businesses that are about more than just the bottom line.

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