5 Signs Your Small Business Should Invest More in IT Support

Businesses have become so reliant on technology that when things go wrong, it can put everything on the backburner. Regardless of the size of your firm, most companies depend highly on technology. Emails, databases, CRM systems, websites and more – it’s all an essential part of ensuring the operation runs smoothly. Every office is surrounded by technology that drives the business. And this technology needs to be nurtured and updated on a regular basis, through essential IT support.

Every successful business grows by adapting to meet a changing environment. Technology innovations are no different. With constant improvements and developments to the way technology fuels business, it’s a huge risk to not embrace it. Business owners can’t take on everything though, despite being notorious for wearing multiple hats in the corporate world. Knowing when to invest in IT support services is vital for a successful business. Here are 5 key signs, although there’s plenty more!

1. You’re Not Getting YOUR Job Done

The most successful entrepreneurs know when to let the professionals help with certain jobs. As a business owner, you can’t do everything. And if you’re finding your working hours are down because you’re spending more time troubleshooting computer, printer, router problems, then it’s time to rethink things.  Business owners shouldn’t be wrestling with a computer that won’t start or a CRM system that’s excruciatingly slow. That’s what professional IT support is for. This way, you can get the expert to worry about the technology dramas, maintenance and updates whilst you get back to doing what you do best – running the business.

2. The Network is Painfully Slow

Constant crashes and painfully slow networks lead to two things – extreme frustration and business downtime. You can’t expect to have a productive office if the network is buckling under the increasing weight of files and work. This is a sure sign you need the help of IT support to install a new network system that will benefit the business, not destroy it. Investing in a network that stands up to what your business needs will help to automate your workflow and encourage better productivity in the office.

3. Business Revenue is Suffering

Technology issues can cause business revenue to suffer in multiple ways. If you’re missing deadlines because the computer or printer has malfunctioned, important leads can be missed. Growing your business and your business revenue isn’t possible if you’re having consistent technology problems. If it’s taking too long to do business, revenue will almost always suffer. This can be significantly compromised by downtime, employee turnover, slow customer support systems, loss of productivity, customer data loss and tedious, slow reporting systems. All of which are linked with poor technology systems that aren’t the right fit for the business, outdated or not maintained properly.

4. Your Paper Stock is Overflowing

Paperless offices create greener working environments – but it’s also essential in keeping up with the times! Moving away from storing paper documents reduces clutter and streamlines the business. The transition in moving to a paperless office involves relying on a good data storage system. The benefits of going digital reduce storage costs, increases productivity and enhances customer and employee satisfaction. Utilising technology to convert paper to electronic files makes accessing and sharing information a lot easier too and it comes with better security and compliance. This greater information availability is priceless for corporate firms to take advantage of.

5.  Your Current System is Over a Decade Old

Old technology systems can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to running a healthy business. Vintage typewriters may be cool, but when not when you’re running a thriving business! Despite some technologies being able to last a lifetime, business systems don’t fall into this category. And it shouldn’t be attempted either! Using outdated systems is one of the biggest causes of catastrophic data loss. When you’re dealing with sensitive client and corporate information, this can be a messy situation if it’s not backed up properly.

As a corporate owner, it’s vital to realise that old systems are built within a completely different technology landscape than what’s available today. Utilising today’s technologies ensures standards are kept high – which results in a better business flow for you.

Never underestimate the importance of up-to-date and reliable technology for business success. Encouraging ongoing IT support to maintain your equipment, ensure data is backed up properly and be there for any technology issues is worth the investment.

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