6 Marketing Tips to Keep in Mind for 2018

The marketplace for any industry is always undergoing change. As new technologies appear, consumers develop new expectations. But many companies appear to be slow or reluctant to adapt to innovations, much less prepared for the latest development. This provides a window for your business to grow and capture a greater market share. Here are some of the marketing strategies you should be trying in 2018.

A New Generation

Most companies are still seeing their target market as millennials. However, the shift to the younger Generation Z is well under way. Indeed, roughly 26 percent of the U.S. Population is Generation Z, and that percentage continues to grow. This is the target market that forward-thinking companies should be forging relationships with now. Millennials are more comfortable with technology, mobile devices, and the internet than any previous generation. They’ve grown up with online tools. Don’t hesitate to use this kind of tech as a selling point.

Information Resources

Your marketing is only as good as your knowledge of your audience. Always stay in touch with what’s happening in your industry and what consumers expect by gathering feedback. Use tools like cloud-based analytic tools are now much more versatile and user-friendly than a generation ago. You’ll also find that some data services have become essential, such as Crunchbase. This is a software platform than can deliver market insights by tracking what other companies are up to for making better decisions on SEO, spending, and much more. Companies like Xyngular have found success using it, and your company can too.

Content Marketing

The trick to content marketing is not just producing content that people will like, but content that establishes your expertise. It should be clearly evident to your social followers and website visitors that you’re an authority in your industry. This will immediately create customer confidence and encourage prospects forward in the purchase journey. The way to demonstrate your knowledge to a wider audience is to share it freely. Consider an industry blog or guest blogging on other leading blogger sites. YouTube videos, downloadable eBooks, webinars, and similar events will help to spread your reputation.

Become a Great Employer

Many business owners fail to realize that their own employees can become their greatest advocates. You should stop and ask yourself how motivated and engaged your employees really are. To feel truly engaged, your workforce has to feel valued and recognized. Today’s employees are also looking for perks like on-the-job training, fun social activities, and a company culture that supports open communication and contributions. If your employees truly are happy, they’ll speak highly of your company to their own associates and social media circles.


If you aren’t familiar with these, they’re an automated, AI-driven applications that can perform customer service tasks. Installing click-to-chat buttons or links in your website will connect prospects to these software bots that can answer questions, perform simple services, or redirect customers to human operatives or knowledge sources. The advantage is that this software can handle numerous calls at a fraction of the cost of a team of human employees, while reducing frustrating wait times. Some chatbots have become so sophisticated that customers may never realize they aren’t dealing with a human being.

Personalized Service

The best way to engage customers with your company is to treat them as individuals at all times. People are less inclined to trust their money to a business that treats them impersonally. It shows a lack of concern and appreciation. Customized approaches are now the preferred form of interaction, such as websites that automatically adjust to the logged-in user to refer to them by name and make suggestions based on personal shopping histories.

While the future of marketing is all about getting more from you data, the emotional connection is still important. No matter what technology brings, customers should be treated like people, not numbers.

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