Business Basics: Top Organisation Hacks Your HR Office Should Use

If you work in human resources, you need to know all about organization. You have to juggle all kinds of responsibilities involving information about employees. Thanks to technology, it’s become easier to manage this information. However, there are still shortcuts you can take that’ll keep you ahead of the pack. Here are some of the top organisation hacks your HR office should use.


You should use top-of-the-line software for your HR office. Specifically, you should use software geared for human resources professionals. Your human resource management system will benefit immensely from the proper software. These programs have great interfaces and are easy to use, making management of employees a breeze. Their user-friendly design means that you’ll be able to easily handle any difficulties you face. You just need to make sure that you’re as focused as possible and train yourself regularly.

These software programs help you to consolidate information, but it’s up to you to stay on track. Make sure to look for latest versions every year to ensure that you’re as up to date as possible.


As a human resources manager, you’ll be involved with hiring. When considering new applicants, you should also consider returning applicants. While you might lean towards those who haven’t worked for your company before you, returning applicants can be an asset. For one, their experience with your company means they’ll be much easier to train. Additionally, processing information about them will take much less time, provided you still have a record of their employment.

You will need to use the proper discretion when rehiring. For one, you should primarily focus on rehiring those who left on good terms. Anyone who was terminated or resigned improperly (without notice) should not be considered. Consult with your supervisors or other managers to decide the best course of action.

Have Designated Email Replies

Working in HR means that you’ll have to reply to a variety of emails on a daily. Since this can take a toll on you, you need to find a way to manage this obligation. One of the best ways to do that is to have prepared email responses that you can easily copy/paste. For instance, if somebody emails you to ask to confirm a meeting time, you can copy/paste “That is correct” or something similar. For more pressing emails, you need to make sure that you go as in-depth as possible.

Make sure that you attend to emails as soon as possible. You don’t want them to pile up and find yourself absolutely buried in them. Take each one as they come and give them each the proper response.

Have a Suggestion Box

Human resources managers deal with resolving issues for employees. These can be personal issues or ones involving multiple employees. In order to manage these, you should have a system for suggestions. An electronic suggestion box while employees can issue their grievances, either by name or anonymously, can work very well for you. Just like with emails, you want to make sure that you’re as on top of these suggestions as possible. You should also take care to notice any reoccurring trends in the suggestions.

Should there be any especially pressing matters, you should alert your management to see what kind of policy changes can be put in place. As a human resources manager, you can make a hugely positive impact on your workplace.

Human resources is all about the human. By taking part to learn these hacks, you can become a leader in human resources. It’s just a matter of taking the time to learn and being willing to excel.

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