Business Maintenance: How Executives Keep Their Offices Updated

Keeping your office looking professional and engaging to clients is a must-do in today’s business world. Fortunately, innovation in printing and other technology has offered up some enticing items to choose from to ensure your office is one people want to visit often and perhaps even copy.

Digital Prints

Digital office prints are becoming the way to show off your area of expertise. Heavy duty, wide format digital printers can create any image of your products or services or the areas your serve. These high-colored images enhance the executive office and can be printed on canvas or other high-quality materials and framed for an extra touch.

Wall Murals and Wall Graphics

Vinyl wall murals and graphics are a new way to skip the paint and boring artwork. Add an entire vinyl wall mural to any area of your office that reveals your logo, company colors and even your mission statement. Vinyl graphics make it easy to print your corporate timeline on your wall and are even more enticing if printed on acrylic and then placed strategically inside your office.

Keep it Clean

Along with hiring a cleaning business to keep your office in top shape, you should also consider rodent control for your business. Some companies, like PermaTreat Pest & Termite Control know that this is especially important if your business is in a multi-story building with many other tenants. If you have a standalone business, whether it’s in a rural or suburban area, rodents can and will find their way in so keep them out of view by hiring professionals that are experts in this area.

Invest in Furniture

Nothing will make an executive office look uninviting more than mismatched furniture. Whether you choose office furniture from a local store or from an online venue, make sure every piece compliments another. If you don’t fancy yourself a designer, hire an interior designer to really make your pieces pop. For example, mixing glass and wood can be very appealing.

Frosted and Etched Window Graphics

The appeal of frosted or etched vinyl window graphics allow for privacy in your executive office or in conference rooms. They can also be used for your entry doors. Etched vinyl is more attractive to display your name or your company name instead of using standard acrylic suite plaques.

With a little imagination, your office can be one where clients will say, “Who designed your office?” And, if you put in a little extra attention into your design, it will make your office a place you are proud and comfortable to work in.


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