Lessons To Learn From Instagram Influencers

Instagram is a great tool in your online marketing portfolio. There are 7.7 million Instagram users in Australia alone and over half of those are women. If you want to reach a demographic of 18-44 year old women then you can’t look past this social platform. The big question is how to be the most effective? Take a hint from an Instagram influencer on how to make your posts successful.

Captions are important too

You might think a gorgeous photo is enough but the caption you add to it can make or break your post. Short but informative captions work best; between 3-5 sentences. Use plenty of hashtags but make sure they are all relevant and don’t overdo the emojis. Where applicable use your caption to engage your followers. For example a breakfast post which promotes your goji berry supplement, hashtags #superfoods and #antioxidants and asks your followers to comment their favourite breakfast foods.


Have a definitive style

Your profile page should be balanced and attractive to anyone who finds it. Find your photography style and preferred content and stick to it. Maybe that’s primarily black and white photos or wide angle shots. Of course you can change your style occasionally but not so often that followers no longer know what to expect from you.

Determine your purpose

Are you wanting to direct traffic to your site? Promote particular products from your brand? Or build your name as a fashion, food or photography expert? Figure out what it is you want your Instagram profile to achieve and focus all your energies on that goal.

Don’t skimp on the details

If you look closely at an Instagram influencers pictures they’re rarely less than photoshoot quality. Any post that is more on the ‘real’ side is leveraged as an intimate window into their life. Backdrops and scenery are important details to your overall image. Most famous Instagrammers have a few basic rules:

  1. Keep it in context: if you’re promoting swimwear then show it off at the beach or with a model on a cool sun lounge. Don’t just whip it out on your bed and take a quick pic.
  2. Style it to the max: even a speedy at home selfie usually involves good lighting, a full face of makeup and stylish furniture if you look close enough.:
  3. Have a go-to backdrop: compare a Youtuber’s social media posts with their vlogs and you might notice they look quite similar. This is because many Youtuber’s have contrived ‘sets’ which match their aesthetic and can be relied upon to produce the high quality photos that their followers expect. Having a favourite background or place to shoot will take the guesswork out of keeping up with regular posts.

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Develop a posting schedule

Setting up a posting schedule offers is beneficial to yourself and your followers. For you it means being able to work a few posts ahead of schedule and have more time to handle setbacks such as holdups in partnered posts, launching new products or becoming busy in other aspects of your business. For your followers it creates a routine of when to expect things from you and how often they should search for new content on your profile.

Share your photos on multiple platforms

Once you’ve put in the hard yards it seems a waste to only leverage your post through Instagram. Link your other social media accounts and send your post out on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. This way you’ll be across four social networks for the cost of one image.

Gaining popularity on Instagram is sometimes just luck but often there’s been a tonne of hard work behind the scenes. If you put the effort into your profile it’s likely it will be returned in the form of marketing success.

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