Step-By-Step Guide to Make Your Own Personalized Wood Signs for Christmas?

It is true that one can make these custom wooden signs for their home. Anyone who has patience, the right tools and skills can make the wooden sign for Christmas. You see wooden signs everywhere but have you wondered how to make them. They are used in the office, homes, gardens, patios and in many public places. Many homeowners use rustic wooden signs in their home and custom design them to add their personalized touch to it.

Here you will get to know how to make personalised wood signs:

  • Assemble all the materials needed

To make personalized wood signs, you need various materials. Wood is the material which is easiest to source. To avail obtain wood; you may try out various sources. Old pallets are recycled woods that may be used for custom signs. On the other hand, rustic pallet is again inexpensive and free. Wooden signs make use of heavy-duty wooden material or typically pine is used. Other options for creating wooden signs are old decks, fences, barns. It is also great to choose lumber which is weather-treated. If you do not have used wood at your place, visit the nearest hardware store to procure the wood. Choose the pine wood which is FSC certified since that is renewable.

  • Select the size and shape of the sign

When you are making custom wooden sign, you have to choose the size and shape. The size of wood can be based on the information you want to include. If you need to put in more information or symbols, you need to make sure that the size of the wood is large. You may opt for square shape for the sign but do consider the width. Apart from this, determine where you want to hang the sign. Along with this consider the way you connect the planks. Horizontal plank differs from vertical planks. There are various options of shapes available. You may choose picket style fence having vertical and horizontal slats. Another option is the standard box frame sign which carries rear border around the sign.

Personalized Wood Signs
  • Cut the wood and sand it

Before you cut wood, measure it and then sand it. You may use table saw or miter saw. There are a number of ways to make straight cuts. While you are making a wooden sign, you need to sand it down. The look or finish of the sign needs to be consistent in nature. If there is coat of paint on the wood, you may use a sandpaper of coarse grit.

  • Prepare the finishing

Personalized wood signs must have the best finishing in order to have an attractive look. The best option would be to paint it. The paint needs to be chosen carefully. The interior paint must be able to hold up to the sun’s UV rays. You may opt for low volatile organic compounds. Weathered look is another choice in preparing the finish. Here you may choose water-based paint that can be watered down. When it comes to stains, there are many options available for the finish. The wood grain will fabulously show through the stain.

  • The artwork and lettering

With painted sign, you enjoy unlimited options. Choose the colors of letters that go well with the background of the sign board. Painted lettering is a good option. You may also go for routed lettering if you have tools and materials.

If the sign is used outdoors, it must be protected against bad weather conditions. You can use proper surface coats to protect the wooden sign. To make sure that the wooden sign lasts for a long time, you may use protective coating.

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