Superb Services Offices – Why Servcorp Is the Right Pick for Brisbane Businesses

For businesses located in central Brisbane, there are opportunities all around. Neighbourhoods like Eagle Street Pier are iconic, international attractions. They don’t just attract local investors. They bring in entrepreneurs and innovators from across the globe. The city is packed full of great real estate options, particularly for those in search of flexibility.

You could rent a serviced office in Brisbane and benefit from a central location, a superb corporate address, stunning views, and world-class facilities. Servcorp is the right pick for Brisbane businesses for all of this and more for a single monthly fee. As serviced offices are fully managed, tenants have very few logistical and administrative responsibilities.

The Servcorp team will make sure your suite is sumptuously decorated, fully furnished, and ready to accommodate a growing business. Keep reading to find out more.

A Great Neighbourhood

Location is a major draw for serviced tenants. It’s difficult to get an affordable office of this calibre, in a prestigious neighbourhood. Rent rates tend to be very high, so the fact that serviced suites come with utilities included makes a big difference. Even when paying premium prices, you’re saving money on heating, lighting, cleaning, and other expenses.

Impeccable Interiors

These offices are popular with elite businesses in Brisbane, due to their high level of quality. They come fully furnished and ready to be used, with beautiful décor and furnishings. Servcorp is renowned for the luxury of its corporate workspaces which are kitted out in the finest leathers and soft fabrics.

Local Area Code

One practical reason to go serviced is easy access to things like mailboxes and phone lines. Both are offered as part of rental packages because they increase brand credibility. You may already have your own mobile lines, but some suppliers and investors feel more comfortable using grounded numbers, with a local area code.

Trained Receptionist

Speaking of communication, serviced tenants also have the option to use an onsite receptionist. The administrative staff at Servcorp are very skilled. They are fully trained and follow the instructions provided by you. Calls are screened, processed, answered, and redirected in the way you want.

IT Support On Demand

As part of the rental fee, tenants benefit from the expertise of qualified IT consultants. If you develop a tech problem, there’s no waiting around until a third party can be hired to fix it. You place a call to the Servcorp team, explain the issue, and they’ll find a solution no matter what time of the day or night it is.

High-Speed Broadband

No office would be complete without a high-speed internet connection. Servcorp, like many serviced vendors, prides itself on the quality of its broadband. You’re guaranteed speeds of between 100MB and 1GB. This is outlined in their transparency code, so it constitutes a promise of service. If you’re renting from this vendor, you have a right to it.

Flexible Movement

Brisbane is a dynamic and lively city. The market here is in a state of constant flux, with brands moving in and out of the spotlight all the time. If you want your business to stay in the light, make sure it can adapt to sudden changes. With a serviced office, early terminations are permitted. Servcorp even helps tenants up or downgrade within the same office buildings.

Why Location Is Key to Serviced Success

Don’t be intimidated by the rent rates in Brisbane neighbourhoods like Eagle Street Pier and Riparian Plaza. While a traditional long hold lease might be out of your budget, a fully managed suite could be affordable.

It cuts the cost of basic utilities substantially, so you’ll end up paying less for things like cleaning, heating, and lighting. Top spots like these tend to pay for themselves pretty quickly, as an association with wealth, luxury and success is great for strengthening a brand.   

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