Double your traffic in the next 12 months by publishing more content

Want to know the best thing that you can do in the next 12 months to make more money through your website? It’s committing to publishing content that is valuable to your target audience. The opportunity to create an income starts with the content that you publish.

Many people overlook the importance of content and instead focus on investing in other areas such as social media or technology. One thing that always connects people is the story that is shared. And if this is done well, it can be very lucrative for your business.

So with this being said, what are some of the ways content can be used to increase your business’s income?

Blog posts that funnel visitors into becoming customers.

This is also referred to as content marketing. Your business can publish content that answers the questions that people are typing into Google. Your site’s content can then appear in the search results for those queries and then once they finish reading the content, they are incentivised to take another action that will funnel them into becoming a customer.

Digital marketing agency Digital Next compiled a case study that shows how one blogger grew their inbound visitors into the hundreds of thousands simply by publishing content for a niche audience.

Developing sales content on the website.

The content that is on your website acts as your salesperson 24h a day, 7 days a week. It is the most critical factor for people visiting and taking action on your website. It’s still bewildering why people choose not to invest in what is the most important asset on their website.

The content on the page needs to be crafted in a way that will get the reader to take the action that you want them to. If the action that you desire is a sale, the content needs to highlight the problem and the urgency for them to make a quick decision to solve the problem.

Analyse your site’s current content and establish whether you think that is something that is currently being done. If not, then it needs to become a priority over the next 12 months.

Guest blogging.

Guest blogging done in the right way can transform the awareness and income of your business. The strategy is simple, but it takes dedication and patience to make it work.

Get your content discovered on YouTube.

YouTube is one of the biggest search platforms in the world and is also one of the best ways to get your content discovered. The demand for video content continues to increase since people demand more of it. In fact, YouTube is an online library full of information where people search with the intent to learn.

Whatever product or service you are selling, there is a market on the YouTube platform that will be interested in what you are offering. The strategy of being successful with YouTube is a simple one.

  1. Identify what content your target audience wants to consume.
  2. Upload the content regularly.

Over time, there will be a snowball effect for opportunities and sales with the audience that you develop through the platform.

You can find valuable advice on YouTube Casey Neistat.

Developing a well thought out and executed content strategy will position your business as an expert, drive more customers to your business and will increase the conversions through your website. Start investing in a valuable content strategy that will continue to grow your income year after year.

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