E-fficiency: 4 Ways Your Business Might Be Using Its Tech Wrong

Technology is rapidly evolving, and it can improve your business activities in incredible ways. Your competition may already be using technology that you are not yet using, and this could be giving them a strategic advantage. Even if you are using some types of business technology applications, you may not be using the technology in the best way possible. When you learn more about the ways that you may not be utilising technology to your benefit or that you may be using technology incorrectly, you can take appropriate steps to improve your business activities.


Analysing Security Video Footage

Many businesses use surveillance footage, but they rarely analyse the footage. In fact, some businesses only review this footage after a known crime event has taken place. You may be able to analyse security footage more substantially to keep your employees, customers, and merchandise safe. For example, through video analytics software, you can be alerted when the camera captures movement on your property. You may also spot signs that an employee is stealing from the business. These are only some of the many dangers and events that you could be made aware of through the analysis of security video footage software programs.


Monitoring Employee Work Hours

Some time monitoring software programs eliminate the need to use paper time sheets, and they automate the employee tracking experience for you. Through the right software program, you can monitor the number of hours each employee has worked in real-time, and you may receive alerts when employees are approaching overtime hours. Some businesses use this type of technology to eliminate the potential for employee time theft. This type of software program could also help you to save time processing payroll because it eliminates the need to manually calculate the hours that each employee worked during the pay period.


Automating Marketing Efforts

Marketing can potentially require a substantial amount of work hours to effectively deliver the material to different platforms in a timely manner. For example, you may want a Facebook message to be posted every five days, or you may want to tweet to your customers every two or three days. When this effort is manual, you must remember to do this. More than that, you must take time out of your day to handle these marketing tasks. Automation software programs are available that allow you to post to social media platforms regularly, and this is only one of many marketing automation possibilities. With this type of program, you can load different messages to be delivered to social media platforms, set email campaigns to run at regular intervals and more.


Analysing Marketing Results

Another aspect of marketing that can be enhanced through the use of technology is your marketing analysis. After your marketing messages are delivered through different media and platforms, you need to determine how effective the effort was. This type of analysis lets you refine your efforts going forward. Some automated analysis tools complete this task for you so that you can receive the polished data that you need. In fact, you may be able to see graphs or other types of visual analysis so that you can more easily make sense of the data that you receive.

Each of these technological applications can help you to improve your business operations in different ways. Your competition may already be benefiting from these applications, and this means that you are at a disadvantage in the marketplace if you are not actively using them. Learn more about how each of these ideas could help your business in different ways, and regularly look for new innovations that could help you to further improve your business. This is essential if you want to compete in the current business environment.

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