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Top 10 Kmart goodies for doing the beach in style …

I have never loved the beach. Which I know is quite surprising as a girl growing up in Cronulla! Thing is though I get burnt, and very quickly. So moving to the Surf Coast, and loving the look of Torquay, I decided to go to Kmart and put together the ultimate beach kit – to do the beach in style and NOT get burnt!

So here it is!

  1. Beach Tent. It says 2 person, but we’ve had 4 people fit comfortably, with enough room for the milky whites (ahem me) to not get burnt all day.  It’s easy to assemble and pack up, just make sure you read the instructions as yes, we broke our first one LOL.  $25 Buy Online
  2. Platter Hour container. You can’t go past this fabulous lunch box container that holds all your fave dips, olives, ham and cheeses. We love to rummage the fridge for leftovers and if need be, top up on the way to the beach. It’s Platter Hour, beach style! $5 Buy Online
  3. Round Watermelon Towel. Great for setting up Platter Hour, drinks in your tent! $15 Buy Online
  4. Beach Pillows. Perfect to lean your elbow on during Platter Hour, then for the restful snooze after…  $8 Buy Online
  5. Great Esky. We love this one. It says 25 cans, but we throw in a nice Ruby Red Grapefruit, a couple of cans, and the top shelf is the perfect fit for our little Platter Hour container. Grab half a bag of ice for this on the way to the beach $29 Buy Online
  6. 1L Bottle of Water. We freeze this one the night before, and it defrosts nicely during your day at the beach! $3 Buy Online
  7. Cute cutlery set. We bought these lime sets, that neatly fit a knife, fork and spoon. $1 each set Buy Online
  8. Raft. Great fun for the kids, super light weight and easy to assemble $15 Buy Online
  9. Rope Beach Bag. Perfect to pack all your non esky items in $12 Buy Online
  10. Inflatable Flamingo. Well all decent women need their own flamingo- do I really need to explain? I mean, seriously. $25 Buy Online


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