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Unique Branding Ideas for Your Small Business

How strong is your company’s presence? In a crowded market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. Branding provides the ultimate opportunity to get your business to the forefront of consumer’s minds. But without something a little offbeat, how is your brand going to be positively distinguished from the rest of the noise?

Small business owners will divide their branding efforts between websites, social media, content marketing and paid advertisements. Savvy small business owners, however, will apply the essentials to all these areas – then they’ll think outside the box. Here are some unique branding ideas to successfully market your business, if you dare to be a little creative:

Stand Out with Car Wrapping

In a world where almost everything is tech-driven, it pays to invest in offline branding opportunities to help you stand out too. Online branding still matters (and always will), but what about when you’re out? Branding car wrapping is a fun way to stand out from your competitors. This branding solution can be customised based on your logo and/or branding colours, and be as simple or as adventurous as you dare.

The great thing about car wrapping is it can be installed for any budget.  Simple spot graphics, digitally printed graphics or computer cut vinyl can be added for your logo or image. Wrap your branding colours and logo around your entire vehicle or ‘wrap’ a section, side panel or back window to remind consumers your brand is, well – out there!

Go Behind-the-Scenes

Putting a face to your small business is one of the easiest ways to build trust. Consumers want to know they’re engaging with more than a brand behind a screen. Every website should have an ‘about’ page, with images and insights into the people that make up your small business, but behind-the-scenes adds even more value.

BTS content doesn’t just humanise your company, it helps to build relationships and trust with your network. Team building content is great for branding, as it reveals your love for the team or share some BTS of your small business in action, backstage at an event or showcasing the latest project. This gives your audience an added extra and a real human connection that’s invaluable to business branding.

Create a Business Mascot

Everyone loves a good mascot. It doesn’t need to be associated with something for children either, unless your brand calls for it. These creative spokescreatures are branding elements that help people remember your company and products. Mascots are created as a ‘character’ that appears on your promotional materials, website and social media channels. They work together with other branding elements, like your logo and slogan, to increase business success and awareness.

To design the ultimate character for your small business, think about its purpose first. Keep your target market in mind so your mascot makes a positive impression. Remember, simple is usually better! Develop the character’s unique features (after all, you want it to stand out) and choose your colours wisely. You can design your mascots personality through its facial expression, posture and shape too.

Invest in Brand Videos

Brand videos aren’t entirely unique, but there are ways to use this growing channel in creative ways. Video marketing is huge. And with 100 million Internet users watching videos every day, it pays to take advantage of it. Integrate short, catchy videos into your social media campaigns, live streaming and YouTube channel.

Like with BTS, video content is an effective way to build trust and increase your ROI. A powerful brand video to represent your product will engage a bigger audience. Plus, social media websites thrive off it!


Add Gobo to Your Events

Events are a fantastic way to broaden your brand’s reach and network with like-minded individuals. As a small business owner, be on the lookout for ways to create high-profile events. Invite high-profile people to speak alongside you and watch your brand’s visibility and influence rapidly increase.

For your next event, invest in gobo lighting. This lighting technique illuminates a stencilled image onto a surface to create a very visually appealing effect. You can use it to create a logo or message on the wall, floor or ceiling to add a different dimension to your branding strategy. Gobos can be static or moving too, with a multitude of colours to incorporate your brand.

Ooze Creativity Everywhere

The only way to stand out in this highly competitive branding work is to ooze creativity everywhere. Be creative in everything you do for your small business! From the logo to product packaging, website to social campaigns, you need to be different from your competitors to give your business that edge.

Branding is the most important activity any business should do. When consumers can connect emotionally to a brand – because they share the same beliefs – it leads to higher sales and a stronger brand differentiation. How unique is your brand?

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