4 Ways You Can Successfully Work from Your Home and in the Outdoors

Working from home and working in the outdoors are both ways people are getting out of the office cubicle and still making a paycheck. If you want to swap the daily grind of the office for the comfort of your own home or the fresh air of the great outdoors, there are several jobs available that will earn you a tidy sum in growing fields. Best of all, there are jobs that combine working from home and the outdoors.


Agronomy relates to the study of plant production and using those plants as food sources and other things. Although you can get a job in sales or a similar area with this field, most agronomists get to be outside working directly with the crops they will oversee. Because it’s a field that deals so much with seeds and soil, specialized equipment such as tractors from places like Bane-Welker Equipment might be useful to you. If you own enough land, you may be able to become a licensed Agronomist for your own soil and crops.

Telecommuting Biologist

If you love studying nature in its element but also like to spend a portion of your work week at home, becoming a telecommuting biologist may be the best option for you. With this job, you’ll be able to study plants and wildlife in either marine or forested settings, gaining valuable time in the outdoors even while you work. Working remotely, you may have a home lab or provide valuable marketing data to science-based organizations across the globe.

Forestry Technician

Thanks to recent federal budget cuts, there is a growing need for qualified individuals in various forestry fields. Because of this need, the National Forest Service wants to expand the number of remote telecommuting options it can offer, as doing so could bring in more professionals. The service plans to add more jobs even as it saves money.

Commercial Photography

You can find a balance between home and outdoor life that suits you with a job in commercial photography. It’s relatively easy to specialize in a specific type of photography, such as shooting nature scenes or even working for real estate companies that need home and business exteriors photographed. You can set up a professional studio right in your own home to touch up the best shots before sending them out to clients.

If you love the great outdoors and time at home but can’t see a way to combine the two, our list of jobs may help you strike that balance.

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