Branding Basics – How to Boost Your Company Image Without Breaking the Bank


Boosting brand awareness is a perfect example of the so-called, snowball effect in action. It starts out small, with nothing more than a name, and then, slowly but surely, builds upon itself, gaining relevance, recognition, and reputation in an almost self-sustaining positive feedback cycle.

Getting your business known in the marketplace is not as easy as it might first appear. You’ll need to invest considerable amounts of time energy, and capital if you want to achieve the success of which you’ve dreamed. Doing it wisely and efficiently, however, will get you there faster. Here are several tips on how to boost your company’s image without costing you an arm and a leg:


People will gladly accept free promotional products as a gift or giveaway. You need to start somewhere, and what better place than with the customers you already have? Previously engaged clients are far more likely to offer you repeat business. What’s more, they are also the ones who will promote your brand to others, especially if you are handing out free stuff. It’s not necessary to go overboard on this and shower them with freebies, but a mug with your company logo and other useful items will get you a long way.  

Social Media

Having a social media presence in this day and age is an absolute must. If a person hears your company’s name, the first place they will check will be on one of the dozens of social platforms out there. It is also a great place to present your brand to a broader audience. However, a proper marketing strategy needs to be researched and implemented. The perfect place to start is, again, with your existing client base. Begin by turning your email subscribers into social media followers that you can regularly engage, keeping your brand and business front-of-mind.

Great Customer Service

Word-of-mouth is the most cost-effective form of marketing there is. Nevertheless, you will have to work at it to enjoy the benefits. Given that you’re starting small, your business will have fewer customers than the competition. However, when life gives you lemons, you look for the silver lining, right? Having fewer customers also means that you have more time to spend on each of them, granting you the opportunity to show just how more accommodating and involved you are with your their wants and needs.

The Face Behind the Brand

Another benefit that small businesses have over large corporations is their ability to relate to and interact meaningfully with the average person. You will need to play to your strengths wherever they may exist, and this is yet another example of where you can make them count. As a small businessperson, yourself, the honesty, transparency and willingness to go the extra mile can make a powerful statement that wins clients’ trust. Leave the canned responses (be it online or in person) to the big guys while you focus on the personal side of things. That’s how you project a positive image and win loyal customers.

Go Places

Attend as many trade shows and networking seminars as possible. No man is an island, and this is especially true in business. Add some synergy into the mix by forging partnerships with other brands. Connect with people that are interested in what you have to offer and pay attention to what helpful advice or opportunities may present themselves at these events. Bring some freebies with you, just in case.

If done right, boosting your company’s image is not as hard as some people make it out to be. Consistency and a positive attitude will get you there.

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