How Can an MBA Help Managers Create a Customer Service Mindset?

For a motivated, fast-paced, and successful manager, an MBA might seem like an unnecessary add-on. However, if a manager is not reaching their full potential because of a lack of education, you will never know it unless that education is provided and acted upon, allowing you to realize improved results. One area that can really suffer from an under-educated manager is customer service. A manager may understand the nuts and bolts of business and even be really good at motivating and leading a team, but when it comes to interacting with customers, they leave a lot to be desired. Here are just a few ways that gaining an MBA can also help managers gain customer acumen.

Frees Them Up

Business, big or small, can be a complicated beast. The gears that keep a business turning can be quite challenging to navigate without proper understanding. If a manager has never been formally trained how to handle these basic functions of business, they may end up spending all their time on these functions, rather than the more high-level functions, such as customer interaction. Not that these basic functions will necessarily be completed incorrectly, just that the extra time required to complete them by an untrained manager will leave less time for other aspects of the business.

Helps Them See the Big Picture

Another great advantage of any type of education is that it helps bring perspective to those who are being educated. For those in business, an MBA helps to make sense of how each aspect of business works together to make a business successful. This perspective helps managers understand which functions of a business need to be maintained and which need to be improved in order to best serve customers’ needs. Without this perspective, only the department that a manager is involved in will be important to that manager, potentially causing other departments to suffer, to the detriment of the customers.

Helps Them See the Small Details

Since humans can be incredibly sensitive, there can often be small, sometimes imperceptible elements of a business that is causing it to be less successful with customers than it should be. An MBA will give managers greater skill in analyzing the data that they have in front of them to draw conclusions about what can be changed to improve customers’ experiences. Without this experience, a manager might be apt to look only at the main elements of a business, and, seeing no issues, continue down the same, albeit unsuccessful, path.

Gives Them Perspective

Along the lines of change, a manager, without the proper training, can sometimes be prone to change a bunch of things, except the one thing that actually needs to be changed. This includes training on things like workplace hazards and safety protocol. If a manager sees that the business is underperforming, they can be tempted to throw a bunch of new programs and procedures at the problem until they see what sticks. The beauty of an MBA, though, is that through all the details and data, it drives home the fact that no matter how much you want to escape it, the customer is king. Perhaps all that’s lacking in your business is some honesty and friendliness to your customers. Those indelible qualities, however, can easily be overlooked by someone who’s desperately trying to change just about every other thing in an attempt to right the ship. Simple solutions call for simple answers, but sometimes the answer is only simple when you’ve got the training to be able to see correctly.

If nothing else, the environment that an MBA is earned it will likely give a manager a big dose of humility. MBAs are taught and learned by high-achieving business professionals, and being a small fish in a big pond instead of being the only fish in the sea can be a great wake-up call for a manager who might get too carried away with themselves sometimes. Humility allows a manager to thrive in interacting with customers, to truly empathize with their issues, and then work toward a desirable outcome for all involved. It also allows the manager to serve well those they lead, to ensure everyone achieves more, thus driving better business.

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