Event Lighting

The Importance of Lighting for a Successful Event

When an event manager is looking at different lighting options, there are certain recommendations that one should follow while evaluating the different lighting options. The event manager should first ask himself few questions-

  • Which part of the room needs to be highlighted?
  • Which part of the rooms needs to be de-emphasized?
  • Which interior décor elements need to be emphasized upon?
  • Is it possible for the texture of the lighting to be controlled?
  • What is the kind of power source available in the location?

Event Lighting

Tips for Hiring an Event Lighting Company

As everyone knows, event lighting helps in making the party a grand success and one that the guests will remember for a long time.  Usually, effective lighting can enliven the atmosphere in the room and infuse life into an empty room. Keeping this in mind, it is very important that the right individual or the company is hired to handle the event lighting. Some of the tips that one can look at while hiring an event lighting company are.

1. Carefully Evaluate the Recommendations Made by The Venue

Most of the venues selected for an event have contacts with their own vendors and will try to get them hired for earning some commission.  During the evaluation, the process has to be streamlined because event lighting is a costly affair and can burn a hole in the purse of the individual who is planning to conduct the event.  Hence, during the evaluation, the planners should look at all the options closely before taking the decision.

2. Understand the Lighting Systems

Before meeting the lighting expert or the company that rents out the equipment, the planner should be aware of the basic technical jargon related to event lighting. By doing enough homework, the planner will ensure that he knows something about the equipment and avoid being overwhelmed by the information that the expert throw at them. Some of the popular lighting terms that one should know about are color lighting, pin spot lighting, pattern lighting or monogram, and string lights.

3. Viewing the Event from The Lighting Perspective

It is best to visit the location at the time of when the event is planned in order to understand how much of event lighting needs to be arranged for. For example, if you have planned a wedding during the afternoon, it is best to visit the church during the afternoon and understand what kind of event lighting is required.

4. Meet with The Lighting Company at The Location of The Event

It is best to arrange for a meeting with the lighting company at the location where the event is being planned. This will ensure that the event lighting company gets the complete context of what needs to be planned. Also, the lighting company will be invested like a partner and will ensure that the planner and the company work together to make the entire event a grand spectacle.

5. Reading Online Reviews

Before meeting an event lighting company, it is best to seek previous customers for their opinions and also, read online reviews of the particular company. This will ensure that the planner of the event is well prepared and knows what to expect when it comes to dealing with the company. This practice will, also, help the event planner to understand the pricing patterns and the ability to work together as a partner with the company.

Overall, deciding the right kind of event lighting company is the difference between creating a sober party or a wild party. If the right kind of evaluation is not done, chances are that the entire occasion is completely ruined. However, if you apply the above-listed tips, you can be sure of making your event a huge success.

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