Business Startups: 7 Must-Know Facts When Hiring New Employees

Hiring employees can be a tricky process. The wrong candidate can lead to poor job performance or high turnover. Here are some steps that can help you hire the right candidate.

Identify the Right Candidate

Consider where you want to advertise your job posting. This can change the quality of the candidate that you receive. Review their information before deciding who to bring in for an interview. Use a panel interview process in order to receive different perspectives on your selections.

Discuss Requirements and Salary

Have an informal discussion with the candidate of your choice about the job. This should include the requirements of the position and the salary expectations. Make sure that the candidate is interested in working for you. Ask them about their goals to see how long they plan on working at your company.

Verify Their Experience

Education checks may be a good idea if it’s required for the job. Make sure to call their past employers to verify that they worked for them. Some companies will be able to provide more than an employment verification. Ask if they can divulge any other information about the employee to you.

Check the References

Ask for references and make sure to check them. Verify that the reference has first-hand knowledge of your candidate. Consider asking questions in regards to their work ethic and character traits. If you’re hiring someone that doesn’t have a lot of work experience, this is your opportunity to get to know the candidate before they come work for you.

Conduct a Background Check

In order to make sure that the candidate fits with your company culture, you’ll need to conduct a background check. This means that you need criminal background check solutions to get you the right results. Things that will be checked in include arrests, convictions, and offender registries at the county, state, and national levels.

Get a Drug Screen

Most workplaces are drug-free. Requiring a drug screening test prior to employment is fairly common. This protects you from hiring someone that could be a liability to your company.

Make an Offer

Generate an offer letter that includes all of the pertinent information. Have the candidate sign the letter within three days of the offer. Make the offer contingent upon passing your background requirements.

You want to hire the right employee. Have all the facts before you bring an employee on board. Use these tips to get you started in making hiring decisions.

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