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Why should an emergency fund be your priority

Since we were kids, we use to get a lecture about being financially responsible and that all seemed to be unnecessary at that time. Little did we know how important it was for us to know what they were saying. Anyhow, experience teaches us something lectures cannot, and I know this thing from experience.

To be financially responsible is to be in the balance that is not to spend too much or too little and to save for the future. Budgeting is easy if you know your cash inflow and outflow and you know how to stick to your plan. Following are the budgeting essentials that will help you set and plan and teach you how to execute.

  1. Know Your Cash Flow
  2. Set Up Your Goals
  • Know Your Spending Limit
  • Figure Out How Much To Save
  1. Establish An Emergency Fund
  2. Stick To The Plan
  3. Repeat

Every part of a budgeting plan is essential, but today I choose to elaborate the importance of emergency fund and why it should be your priority.


Emergency funds are a big help when you have no one else to rely upon. You never know when you want to be helped financially and in my personal opinion when it comes to financial help, its either your parents there or either it`s you alone.

Try to be self-sufficient in any situation that can occur in near or far future. Find some fantastic reviews here.


When you are saving up some cash for any emergency, and thankfully there are not any, then you can help any of your family and friend in their time of need and can get it back when they can pay you.

Helping others is all what humanity is about. In the world full of self-centered people, be a helping hand. Of course, do not give your money out if you think you will need it soon.


Saving up can be hard if you have no self-control but once you will see the results of it you may get addicted to it and the outcome it is going to bring.

If you are saving up for an emergency for quite some time now and you have a handsome amount to yourself now, then you can always draw out some money and invest even to double it up. But of course, evaluate your situation before making any decision.


We never know what is up next, so it is always good to be well prepared and self-sufficient. Imagine yourself in an emergency and running after people or worst, a bank, even when you are not sure that they are going to help you with the issue, how would you feel? Not good I suppose!

Saving up not just keep you out of debt but it also enables your confidence in yourself that you can do things for yourself.


Author Bio: Sarah Smith has been a personal finance author for the last five years. She is also, an independent and very passionate finance and investment advisor. She regularly posts at


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