How to Get Started with Text Message Marketing in Your Business

Text message marketing is a popular method of connecting with mobile traffic, and the thing that is going to probably shock you the most is that it is far more effective than email marketing campaigns. Unlike with email marketing campaigns, individuals receiving your business-related text messages are far more likely to open these messages and read them. This is good news because you were looking for a marketing approach that gets your company and its brand noticed. SMS services for small business can help you to begin the process of communicating more directly with mobile consumers.


How Does It Work?

You need a list of subscribers to be able to text. This is a list you will typically need and want to build on your own. You have probably seen the pitch. You are supposed to text some keyword to some pre-generated number like 215200. As a person texting this number, you are entering your mobile number into a database by doing this. Radio stations use this method a lot to grab mobile user contact information all the time. You can do the same by posting such information in your store with incentives for why people should text you. The texting service through which you have your account will start to store this mobile user data for you into a database, and your mobile contact list will grow over time.


Sending Texts Back

As the database hosted by your text service provider gets populated, you can then turn around and text these individuals back whose contact information you have collected. Features in your service providers software will likely allow you to send a text to everyone in your database at one time. This makes it convenient for you to send offers, coupons, and other incentive-based marketing material through text messages. As long as the individuals in your database find your text messages to be something of value, chances are your text messaging campaigns will then be a hit.


The Benefits

For you, the benefits are a new mobile market to market to with which you can have regular contact. If you are with a good service that charges you a reasonably low price, this can be lucrative for your company. You also have the opportunity to incentivize texts to generate massive numbers of leads to more product sales. On the other hand, the people on your contact list gain some benefits also. They get to learn about what your company can do for them, they get free coupons, discounts and you may offer them other perks too. In many ways, if you work it right, this becomes a win-win situation for your company and the people on your mobile text campaign list.



Text messaging is not a difficult process to learn and leverage for business purposes. In fact, it is an excellent way to keep up with the modern digital natives that have become such a significant part of the consumer base. In many ways, this is the only way certain segments of the consumer base will ever get wind that your business even exists. So, it is a marketing method that has a lot of usefulness to your company—especially if you are looking to tap into a pool of consumers you would not have much access to otherwise.

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