Smart Ways to Streamline Your Company’s Logistics

Logistics optimization is one of the essential goals your company must always strive to achieve in order to increase revenue, decrease expenses and ensure smooth operational processes across the board. Logistics is a crucial element that will determine the employee performance, increase their productivity and create a thriving work environment while avoiding the risks of any workplace injuries. Moreover, a strong logistics strategy can boost productivity by optimizing facility lanes, machinery routes and making any necessary navigation a breeze.

Improving company logistics will allow you to process and handle shipments easily and in a timely manner, thus increasing your value proposition and securing your place as a thriving company in the competitive market.

These are the essential steps you should take today to considerably improve your company’s logistics:

  • Gathering invaluable feedback
  • Optimising transportation
  • Maximising storage
  • Improving communication technologies

The following paragraphs will elaborate on each of them.


Gather invaluable feedback

When it comes to logistics, two specific types of feedback are of the essence of your operation: customer feedback and employee feedback. Feedback is essential in gathering all the necessary information in order to work out every little detail and maximize the productivity, and in turn, improve employee and customer satisfaction.

Gathering customer feedback can be done in a myriad of ways, and you best and safest bet is to collect honest opinions from your loyal customers by sending an e-mail inquiry and a simple yes or no questionnaire that will provide you with fast, exact data. Additionally, you can take the time from your next meeting with your biggest clients to talk about your services and whether there are any areas in which you could improve your work. Not only will you be able to optimize your logistics, but you will also show your aspirations for improvement to your clients.

The second, and equally important part of the feedback puzzle is employee feedback. You want to gather as much information as possible from the actual workers, the people that experience the good, the bad, and the ugly side of your business on a daily basis. A simple survey distributed among your employees can do a decent job, but if you want to dig deeper, then you want to schedule interviews with the most important employees in your facility, noting down their thoughts and considering their proposals. This sort of feedback will be invaluable for ensuring the long-term growth of your company.


Optimise transportation

Expenses regarding transportation of goods, labor, and machinery are responsible for a large chunk of your yearly budget, and in order to improve your logistics and decrease your expenses, you need to revisit and review your transportation plans and strategies. The rising cost of petrol paired with the regular vehicle and machine maintenance can exude a high expense rate, and you can combat these costs by adjusting the size and weight of your packages.

Consider revising your packing strategy and changing their weight so that more can fit in a delivery truck, and always make sure that trucks are departing to their destination only when fully loaded. Moreover, you want to optimize your delivery routes for maximum efficiency, ensuring fast, timely and most importantly, cost-effective delivery.


Maximise storage

Storing, moving, and shipping goods as effectively as possible should be one of your top priorities. The intricate processes of optimal warehouse storage and navigation are completely dependent on two key factors: trained floor staff and utilizing vertical storage solutions. Training your staff for maximum productivity will require you to optimize facility traffic lanes and portray the most efficient ways to store and handle various goods in the fewest steps possible.

When it comes to storage solutions, using versatile, heavy-duty industrial pallet racking is essential for properly storing equipment and a godsend for all warehouse owners, as it provides wide scalability and can serve any type of storage operation. You can choose selective mobile racking for maximized navigation, narrow aisle racking for increased storage and tight spaces, or an ASRS system that will speed up the processes of retrieval and storage without the risk of human error or injury.


Improve communication technologies

If you haven’t already, you should invest in a modern logistics management software that will allow timely and swift communication between the warehouse and the accounting departments, thus optimizing the flow of information and providing your customers with timely updates. This solution requires minimal staffing and ensures a smooth operational process, from storage to shipment and from shipment to delivery.

As you can see, learning how to effectively improve a company’s logistics is of utmost importance for successful operations on any contemporary business. You can significantly decrease expenses by implementing these solutions and pave the road to long-term success and growth by introducing smart logistical practices across your entire operation.

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