Guide to Throwing a Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding means having your big day several miles away from home and as such, it requires careful planning and implementation for it to be successful. As you get ready to say I do in that far away land, you should do it in a way that it still exhibits your personality, leaves your guests comfortable and most importantly, tells a unique love story that belongs to you and you alone. In order to help you marry your sweetheart in a foreign land without any issues, here is a guide to help you throw an awesome destination wedding.


  • Start on a blank canvas: It is possible that you already have an idea of what your wedding venue should look like but in order to achieve this vision, you should see the wedding location as a blank canvas. Now take your time to begin to fill in the scenario with how you have always envisioned your wedding and reception ground. This way, you will have a uniquely decorated venue for your wedding.


  • Choose an appropriate location: In order for your destination wedding to be a success, you should choose an appropriate location and this means a place that has all the resources needed to keep you and your guests comfortable. If you settle for a location with an awesome beach but it does not offer adequate accommodation for you and your guests, then your aims might just have been defeated.


  • Send out invitations on time: Remember that your wedding is taking place far away from home and in order for your loved ones to be part of your special day, ensure that the invitations are sent out on time. This way, they will have adequate time to prepare themselves for the cost of traveling to your wedding.


  • Cut expenses: There are multiple ways to cut expenses when you are planning a destination wedding. You can start by ensuring that most of your guests are accommodated in a given hotel as this usually attracts significant discounts but in doing this, ensure that the location of the hotel is not more than 15 minutes driving to the venue of your wedding. Also, you can incorporate the already existing blooms at your wedding venue into the decoration and in terms of feeding, you can reduce cost by adding local specialties to the menu.


  • Visit the location prior to the wedding date: You need to have a feel of the venue for your wedding before you make that final reservation. This way, you can be doubly sure that it is going to serve the purpose and make your day as lively as you have always dreamt of. And for your wedding proper, you should arrive at least five days prior so that you can have your hairdo and trial makeup sessions.


  • Use professional services: To make things easier for you, the use of a professional wedding planner is very vital. From making arrangements for the reception site to organizing food and drinks, you really need somebody to take responsibility for all that. This will leave you to fully enjoy your day without any worries.


  • Ask for referrals: It is possible that you might have read about reputable florists, caterers, and rental companies within your wedding destination but then, it would also do you a lot of good to ask for referrals from friends and loved ones who might have had their weddings or a friend’s wedding there. You never know what local talent you might discover, and at a great discount too.


  • Check and recheck your luggage: In order to avoid any last minute disappointments, make sure that you recheck your luggage to ensure you are not leaving any important outfits and accessories behind. It might be out of your budget to go shopping for same overseas, this is especially if shipping the forgotten items is not an option. Always check and recheck your luggage.


  • Put your event planner in the budget: This is for those who intend having their event planners from home. In this case, you might have to cover all their travel and lodging expenses, especially if this is not covered in the initial contract. These expenses should be negotiated upfront to avoid any misunderstandings that might affect your wedding.

With the above-listed tips, you can be rest assured that planning and throwing your long-awaited destination wedding would be just like a walk in the park. Get ready to have fun!

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