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Your mid year check in… why it’s important to take stock

Tell me I am not alone here.

I always get to this part of the year and think… where has the time gone?

I start looking back over the last 5 months wondering have I made the most of this year?

The goals that I set out at the beginning of the year when I felt fresh and excited for what was to come… have I followed through?

You know, I hear it all the time. As the Owner of Temple Day Spa here in Adelaide, women walk out of from a massage or facial and say “I need to do this for myself more often”

Many of us make the promise, at the start of the year, to take better care of our health and well being. To put ourselves first. And more often than not, life simply gets in the way.

So this is your mid-year check in to say… hey, don’t forget about YOU.

We make plans for dinner or lunch with friends. Organise our work calendar, our children and their activities… so we CAN do it. We CAN make time for what’s important.

What you need to know is that giving yourself a priority, putting yourself first and making time for you is not only good for your health but your state of mind as well.

We hear often we need to get balance in our life…. but sometimes what we truly need is to focus on our mental health a little more and listen to our bodies!

What I am saying is… it’s ok to give yourself what you know you need. It’s not just what your body needs it’s your mind as well.

You can’t keep going and going without some downtime.
You know, in yourself, how much you need it.
So do it. PLEASE listen to your body. x

Make this next half of 2018, different.

Sharon Templeton x

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