3 Reasons Every Business Should Invest in Quality Communication

Entire wars have been won and lost on the basis of communication and one of the oldest tactics in the book is to disrupt or interfere with the enemy’s lines of communication. Good communication is no less important to your business than it is to the mightiest militaries. Poor communication between management and staff, customers and employees and even yourself and your vendors can mean the difference between a booming business and total business failure. Here are 3 reasons why every business should invest in quality communication.


Without Good Communication, You Quickly Lose Customers

A lack of communication can cost you customers in a number of different ways. If your website goes down, you may not just lose customers for the few hours it is down, but you may lose them for good to a competitor that was up and running when you were not. If your internet is down, any VoIP lines are down as well, which means customers also can’t reach you in a crisis. While businesses are always looking to cut costs, make sure you don’t save money by using a sub-par vendor.


Communication Is Most Important in a Crisis

There is no time that communication is more important than in a crisis, and yet a crisis is when lines of communication are most likely to be down. In the modern world, we rely on cell phones to communicate and yet often it is a lack of cell phone service that can create the emergency. In addition, cell phones can lose reception if cell towers get overloaded by emergency communications. Wireless radios, however, can not only help your team all stay in communication, but they can keep you in communication even when cell service is down or spotty.


Lack of Communication Can Create a Crisis

Any abnormal event can quickly escalate to a crisis without good communication. Good communication, on the other hand, can also help keep unusual circumstances from becoming a crisis. Whether an employee needs help with a difficult customer or a client needs immediate assistance, a good means of communication can often save the day. When important decisions need to be made, it’s very important to be able to communicate with the people most qualified to make them. That means always having a good means of clear, open communication.

Enough cannot be said about the importance of good communication. Whether it is communication between teammates, managers and employees or customers and employees, communication can make or break a company. Wherever else you may choose to cut corners, it is always wise to invest in quality communication systems.


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