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3 Tips for Business Networking Online

From my experience, the one area most solopreneurs forget to invest in is time well spent. You can spend hours creating a flyer for letterbox drops. You can schedule posts to broadcast to the masses on your social media. What about using networking as a tool to grow your business? Over the years, I’ve divided my time between providing business owners with operational support and job seekers with their CV development. These opportunities flowed in my direction because of my efforts spent in networking on and offline. From webinars to business breakfasts, I’ve learned that word of mouth is the strongest tool for business growth. These 3 tips for business networking online may seem basic, that’s because they are!


Reach Out

It’s super easy to connect with peers online with the click of a button. Don’t leave it at just accepting an invitation to connect. Make contact with your new connection via email or phone and discover ways in which you can help them connect with others. Ask why they are using LinkedIn, you might be surprised by their response!


Contribute & Collaborate

I’ve always believed LinkedIn to represent the ‘office’ of the social media world. Apply the same techniques you would like to converse in a traditional office space. Contribute to discussions through groups and take those conversations offline. Aim to discover & create opportunities to collaborate with like-minded professionals around the globe. The only limitation here is the amount of time you spend building your network.


Shift Your Mindset

Many approach networking with the mindset of, “what’s in it for me?”. Quit spamming your connections` inbox with your sales pitch. Consider the ways in which you can be of service to your fellow connections. What you might be able to offer them to build rapport rather than shut down a potential business relationship.

How have you found networking on and offline to help you succeed in business?

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